Audiology (Adult)

The Audiology service provides the following services:

Patient Repair Service:

All hearing aids need regular maintenance every 4-6 months for patients who have been issued a hearing aid from Walsall Manor Hospital Audiology Service.

Hearing aid repairs are appointment based only. Appointments are available at the Manor Hospital, Brownhills, Pinfold and Darlaston Health Centres.

Repair appointments:

  • Ear mould collection
  • Hearing aid not working needing replacement
  • Retubes for earmould
  • New slim tubes/size check
  • Impression taking
  • Check ears
  • Mould adjustments
  • Lost Aids

Please note that specialist aids (BAHA, CROS aid, Hearing aid accessories, Tinnitus devices) and hearing aid adjustments (changing the sound settings) need longer appointments. Our clerical staff will be happy to help patients access the correct appointment.


Batteries are available from the Audiology reception Monday-Friday 9-12:30 and 13:30-5PM.

Unfortunately, we cannot issue replacement slimtubes or earmould tubing at the reception desk.

Postal Service:

We can send batteries, slim tubes and earmould tubing in the post to you. To access this service please send us a stamp-addressed envelope. Must be a Large letter stamp.

Old batteries can be disposed of at any shop that has a battery disposal bin,

they do not need to be sent back to the department.

The service operates appointments Monday to Friday, 8:15-12:30 and 13:30-6PM.

Route 008 – Audiology
Walsall Manor Hospital
Moat Road
West Midlands

The service also operates in the community at Brownhills Clinic, Darlaston Medical Centre and Pinfold Health Centre.

Telephone: 01922 603840 (Monday-Friday 8:30-12:30)


Service lead

Tina Harris – Principal Audiologist
01922 721172 ext. 7610

Adult patients (16+) may self-refer to the Patient Initiated Pathway to Hearing Aids (PIPHA) Route providing they have a Walsall GP by contacting an administrator on 01922 603840.

Referrals are also accepted from GPs and other healthcare professionals via an AQP referral form which should be sent via post or email: