Research celebration event

Research is an important cog in the healthcare machine as it provides evidence to inform clinical decisions, which is vital for ensuring the best possible care for our patients.

It underpins everything we do and therefore it’s incredibly important we take a moment to reflect on what’s been achieved and to support staff so more research can take place.  

A dedicated awards event will be held on Friday 15 September 2023, Village Hotel in Walsall (Tempus Drive Walsall WS2 8TJ). This will be joint for RWT and Walsall Healthcare.

As part of the event, staff are now welcome to share details of their own research projects, highlighting successes and lessons learned.Colleagues can also submit applications for funding to help lift future research projects off the ground by completing the following:

For guidance on how to submit your own abstract, please take a look through this helpful document.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday 24 August 2023 and candidates will be notified by Thursday 31 August.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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