Critical Care

Critical Care facilities at the hospital include a general Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and critical care outreach.

The ICU is led by a Clinical Director, Matron and a Care Group Manager who are dedicated to providing high-quality critical care.

The ICU at the hospital is an 18-bed facility managed and staffed by a large multidisciplinary team. They have responsibility for providing effective nursing care and infection control measures to provide the highest quality care in a safe, clean environment. Many of our staff have undertaken post-graduate critical care training and are supported by a Practice Development Nurse who ensures all the staff are trained to the highest standard and provide evidence-based care.

The Critical Care Outreach Team provides a Trust-wide service to all adult wards, providing prompt skilled support for all staff caring for at risk, acutely and critically ill patients. The team is also responsible for following up patients after discharge from the ICU and HDU to optimise their recovery. The service sees and cares for patients who are very ill or at risk of becoming very ill. These patients require close observation, monitoring and life support.