How to refer

All children can be referred via either a paediatrician, GP, a trained school SENCo, Team Around the Child (TAC) service, or a variety of other health professionals including physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, school nursing, podiatrists or health visitors.

  • Once the referral is received and all relevant referral paperwork is completed, it is then triaged by the team leads to identify which pathway it is best suited to.
  • Once a child is discharged a re-referral can be made with 12 months where the child can be reviewed. However, if a child is discharged from the service for more than 12 months a new referral needs to be completed and a new assessment will take place.

Click here to download – Referral Form 

Click here to download – Generic Form

Please complete the generic form if you are a health professional. However, if you are a school, please complete the generic form along with the school/parent questionnaire form.