Cardiology (Community Cardiac Nursing Team)

The Community Cardiac Nurses (CCNs) provide a specialist review service to both heart failure and post-myocardial infarction (heart attack) patients across the borough of Walsall.

The team works together with the wider hospital cardiac team in order to maintain a seamless service between hospital and community.

Patients who are referred to the CCNs must have a confirmed diagnosis of LVSD (Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction) following Echocardiogram. The hospital OASIS (Open Access Systolic Insufficiency Service) is utilised by GPs if heart failure is suspected.

The community cardiac nurses could be reviewing patients from three to 12 months, though this is individual to each patient and their particular needs so may change accordingly.

The service provides nurse-led clinics, telephone assessments and home visits to support patients and their carers by both physical (prescribing medications) and emotional support. Patients can be referred to us by:

  • Walsall GPs

  • Heart Failure Nurse Specialist Tina Fletcher at Walsall Manor Hospital

  • Heart failure consultants and other hospital consultants

  • Other heart failure teams

  • You, if previously suspended from the service.

Active management will be suspended when the patient is stable. Emphasis is then placed on the individuals and their family/carers to monitor their own condition and report any deterioration back to the team.  The service can be resumed and suspended when necessary. All patients are provided with educational information and relevant issues are discussed and revised throughout the patient review process and information tailored to the needs of each individual. Referrals to other agencies are made to ensure a multi-disciplinary approach is adopted including end-of-life initiatives.

Post-Myocardial Infarction Patients

Referrals are accepted from cardiac rehabilitation teams across the network.  Patients are contacted and assessed within seven working days of discharge and all are offered a home review in order to perform a more detailed assessment.

Other work streams

The team acts as a resource to other healthcare professionals both in Primary and Secondary care.  We are willing to give advice and support to our colleagues from all disciplines. With regards to education, team members are involved in teaching/educational sessions in both Primary and Secondary care. A resource pack is available to give an informative insight into the fundamental issues around CHD, for members of the multi-disciplinary team involved in caring for cardiac patients.

Mission statement

To provide a service to all patients across the Walsall borough.  Our goal is to offer a friendly, open service to all our patients and their families by working together to make a difference.  We endeavour to provide a quality service, which encompasses and maintains all aspects of their needs.

To be confirmed.

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
12 Portland Street

01922 638121

Service lead

Joy Barrett, Community Cardiac Nurse Specialist