Surgical Daycase Centre

Patients are asked to attend the Surgical Daycase Centre reception on the day of their operation at the time specified in their admission letter.

This is to allow the staff in the centre to carry out important and necessary safety checks; by the nurse, the anaesthetist and the surgeon. Patients may require additional blood tests; x-rays etc.

A relative is welcome to accompany patients during their time in the centre, however depending on the type of procedure being undertaken the patient may be with us up to five hours. The Surgical Daycase Centre does offer facilities including comfortable sofas, a flat screen TV, books, magazines and puzzles, or alternatively relatives may prefer to contact ward staff to receive updates on the patient.

Depending on the site of the operation, it may be necessary for theatre staff to remove the patient’s underwear whilst they are anaesthetised. Please be assured that the patient’s dignity will be maintained and respected at all times. Any questions or concerns about this can be raised with a member of staff before going into theatre.

The centre is open between 7am – 9pm, Monday to Friday.

Surgical Daycase Centre
Walsall Manor Hospital, route 201
Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
Moat Road
West Midlands

Service lead

Rosemary Rogers, Surgery Co-ordinator
01922 721172 ext. 7115/6124

Please refer to your appointments letter for details of accessing the Surgical Daycase Centre.