The Orthoptic service offers diagnosis and treatment of:

  • problems related to visual development in children including cataract, squint (strabismus), refractive error (glasses) and amblyopia (lazy eye)

  • defects of ocular motility – arising from congenital abnormal ocular muscle or nerve supply, or acquired through injury or disease

  • binocular vision – may be affected by the presence of squint (usually congenital) or acquired through injury or disease and may lead to diplopia (double vision) or loss of vision.

The Orthoptic team also supports ophthalmology in the provision of visual field testing, low vision aids and contact lens clinics.

Clinics operate Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm.

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
Moat Road
West Midlands

Service leads

Dawn Brazier, Head of Orthoptic Services

The team may be contacted on 01922 721172 ext. 7244 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Orthoptists accept referrals from GPs, Optometrists, Health Visitors, School Nurses and Social Services.

The team also provide school screening for all 4-5 year old children attending reception class in Walsall schools.

Children under the age of 7 years may be seen at a local health centre for an orthoptic screening assessment, which is directly bookable via a Health Visitor.