Welcome to the Post-Registration section of Team FORCE- Professional Development.
Whether you’re newly qualified looking to jump into your first year of practice or seasoned professional looking to sharpen your skills the Post-Registration team is here to help. We are a multi-professional team drawing on the skills of Nurses, Midwives and AHP’s and we are able to offer you both training and help/support whenever you need it.

Newly Qualified
Here at Walsall Manor we recognise that the first year of your career, for any registered healthcare professional, is going to be both exciting and daunting. You’re ready to take everything that you’ve learnt and put into practice, but this isn’t without its challenges, which is why we have a dedicated team that are here to help you with that transition into practise. We believe that it is both crucial to make sure that you have the right support as you transition from a student into a fully accountable member of staff and to provide you with ongoing support after this, to make sure you continue to improve as practitioners throughout your career.

To help with this transition we have recently launched our new PIP (Preceptorship In Practice) programme, that is completely tailored to your individual needs and gives you regular catch up sessions to check in on your progress, you can find out more by clicking the “Preceptorship” link below.

Take a look at the video above, to learn a little more about Walsall Manor Hospital and how it could be a great fit for you.

Here at Team FORCE we handle the competencies that you need to meet when working at a professional level in the Trust, to view the competencies available to you please click on the “Competencies” link below.

Further Training
We have a variety of training sessions that are run at Walsall Manor, some that are run directly by our FORCE team and others that are run by specialist areas within the Hospital such as Maternity or ICU, and we recognise that it might not always be easy to see which courses might be for you, even if you’ve been in the Trust for a while.

To this end we’ve recently launched our new education brochure that shows all of the courses that are available in the trust, and provided additional guidance to help you decided on whether the course is suitable for your band or for your area. These courses are not all aimed at registered healthcare professionals, we also have a number of courses that are designed to enhance the skills of our clerical and managerial staff too.

To find out more about the courses available at Walsall or to download a copy of our brochure please click on the “Courses” link found below.


Click to find out more about the courses running at Walsall Manor (Under Construction)


Click to View Walsall Manor Competencies


Click Here to find out more about our PIP programme (Under construction)

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