About us

Meet Team FORCE (Faculty of Research and Clinical Education) Please see a shorty snappy video on the left to introduce the team and prove that although we have a serious job, it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun doing it.

If you want additional information in regards to a query, want to see who to look out for at a meeting or need to get in touch with a specific team member, please see below where the relevant contact info will be displayed.

Mr Farad Hossain
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Research & Development Director

Dr Marie Lewis
Associate Director of Research and Professional Development

Catherine Dexter
Research and Development Manager

Lorna Kelly
Lead Nurse for Professional Development

Wayne Baldwin
Professional Development Coordinator (Post Qualification)

Victoria Steward
Professional Development Coordinator (Learners into Practice)

Emma Virgilio
Senior Research Nurse

Jonathan Matthews
Business Support Manager

Julie Fletcher
Research Facilitator

Liam Botfield
Clinical Trails Assistant

Lisa Richardson
Research Nurse

Victoria Foster
Research Nurse

Marie Phipps
Research Nurse

Poonam Ranga
Research Nurse

Joanna Butler
Research Nurse

Ellie Nicholls
Research Clinical Support Worker

Ben Jones
Research Pharmacy Technician

Joanne Davies
Research Radioligist

Emma Ormand
Pre-Registration Worker

Kerry Siau
Pre-Registration Worker

Julie Evans
Academic Clinical Link Tutor (Medicine)

Sarah Calloway
Academic Clinical Link Tutor (Adult Community)

Amber Jones
Academic Clinical Link Tutor (Women’s & Children’s)

Megan Parr
AHP Regional Fellow

Weronika Sanecka
Research and Clinical Education Administrator

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”Henry Ford