Request an OpenAthens account

OpenAthens provides access to local and national electronic resources; this includes journals, electronic books and a range of bibliographic healthcare databases.

Why should I register for OpenAthens?

Healthcare staff of all disciplines and students on placement can register. If you have both Trust and current academic status, you are entitled to hold parallel HE and NHS OpenAthens accounts. The range of resources will be different; therefore it is worthwhile having both if you are entitled to them. Before you register check your eligibility criteria.

You can self-register for an NHS OpenAthens account by entering your details on the application form available at:

  • You should if possible enter a work email address, register from a place of work. If details entered meet the eligibility criteria your account will be automatically created.
  • You will receive an email after you have self-registered, prompting you to click on a link to activate your account and choose a password.
  • If you are not eligible for access, you will be sent an email informing you of the reasons the account has been rejected.

If you have already registered, you can reset your password.

If you are still having difficulty logging into the service please contact your local OpenAthens Administrator, Bali Moore . Contact number 01922 656920.

Log in to My Account section and update your details to change your organisation, email address or password.