Health and Wellbeing

The library on Route 302 provides staff and students on placement with a place to think, reflect and unwind. It stocks a wide range of resources on topics such as mental and emotional health, physical health and a healthy lifestyle. It underpins the Trust’s health and wellbeing strategy by engendering a positive workforce culture; supporting recruitment, retention and workforce development. 

The evidence demonstrates the value of reading to improve our health and wellbeing. The library stocks a wide range of health and wellbeing books. Health Education England’s Uplifting resources for the NHS from the NHS including apps, podcasts, books (digital and print) including fiction/poetry/ self-help guides all available for loan from the library.

The positive effects of the EnergyPod have been confirmed in studies by NHS researchers. The pod is available for power naps at work 24/7 in the library.

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