Case studies / conference posters

Conference Posters

Enhancing Study Environments at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
Library and Knowledge Services offer new state-of-the-art study pods and booths for focused study, work, and collaboration.
Getting to Know You: Promoting Knowledge Mobilisation
Library and Knowledge Services use the ‘Randomised Coffee Trial’ to foster connections and knowledge sharing among colleagues at Walsall and Wolverhampton Healthcare NHS Trust.
An Evidence-Based Service Makes a Difference
Library and Knowledge Services provides an evidence-based service to help staff find research and make decisions based on best practices.

Case Studies

New System Simplifies Article Requests
Library and Knowledge Services replaced its old article request system with a new in-house one that is easier to use, eliminates user barriers, and reduces administrative burden.
Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Turns Book Giveaway into Live Discussion on Diversity
Library and Knowledge Services partnered with the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team to distribute diversity promoting books and host a live chat with the Chair during Black History Month.
Podiatrists Swap Phenol for Sodium Hydroxide in Cost-Saving Nail Surgery
A podiatrist requested an evidence search on Sodium Hydroxide as an alternative to Phenol for matricectomy and the results confirmed the effectiveness of Sodium Hydroxide which saved money for the Trust.
Library and Staff Collaboration: Improving the Emergency Department Patient Experience
A Care Group Manager, used Library and Knowledge Services to find research to support her observations of the patient waiting area in the emergency department for improvement pathways.