QI Awards 2023 posters gallery

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A23-085Ditching Desflurane: A fight for durvivalRanvir Cheema, Connor Brown, Tarek Mohamed, Aditya Kuravi, Bhagyashree Netke Surgery WHT
A23-046Antibiotic Prescription AuditArmeen Shakir, Tariqul Islam, Tanisha Sharma, Bothwell Shiripinda WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-066Managing constipation in patients with neck of femur fracturesDr Culverwell, Dr Nikoletopoulou, Dr Karolina Goralik, Dr Lee, Dr Peet MLTC Medicines and Long Term Conditions WHT
A23-087Walsall Specialist Lymphoedema Service Clinic Functionality Quality Improvemetn Plan 2023Louise Rooney, Lymphodema Service Community WHT
A23-114Percutaneous Nephrostomy- Optimising Care for PatientsJenny Atkins, M. Collins, L. Landucci
Urology Div 1 RWT
A23-100Streamlining Prolonged Jaundice Clinic referralsNicola Ruth, K Brown, H MooreNeonates Div 1 RWT
A23-033Introduction of Surgical Skills for Students and Health Professionals Melissa Colbourne, Mr Adrian SimonsClinical Skills & Resuscitation Department Div 4 RWT
A23-002Implementation of fetal monitoring training programme to improve perinatal outcomes.
Ana Yepes, Carla Jones-Charles, Delia Perkins, Karen ScottMidwifery WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-025Is it necessary to test Vitamin D prior to Zoledronate or Denosumab treatment?James Keasley, H Sapkota, A Kumar, C StevensRheumatology Div 3 RWT
A23-010C.A.S.T.L. Connecting Adult Speech and Language Therapists LocallyMark Williams-Chalmers, Abbie Higgins, Cathryn NobleSpeech and Language Therapy Community WHT
A23-013Group Therapy and support for Stroke Patients with Communication DifficultiesMark Williams-Chalmers, Laura JonesSpeech and Language Therapy Community WHT
A23-125Introduction of Head and Neck Same Day Emergency Care Navdeep Bhamra, James Barraclough, Mandeep ChanaHead and Neck Div 1 RWT
A23-016Bone Metastasis: exploring early findings of an initiative to improve patient education, outcomes and quality of lifeSara Smith, Jenny Swindell, Sindy Dhallu Community WHT
A23-093Teaching Procedural Skills to Undergraduate Medical Students using Digital Skills Packages in the Era of Social Distancing, and BeyondDr Pritesh Mistry, Dr Abhirami Gautham, Melissa Colbourne Div 4 RWT
A23-006Project FIRSTShelley Rose, Jen Harkness, Babu Kumararatne, Amy Henderson, Hannah KennedyNeonates Div 1 RWT
A23-067Going Green - Sustainability initiative by the Ophthalmic DirectoratePavitra Garala, Sohail Ahmed, Ian Bowen, Abigail Francis, Soupramanien SandramouliEye Department Div 1 RWT
A23-022Streamlining microbiology
sample testing
Dr Elizabeth Bentley, Nicola Ruth, Elizabeth Bentley, Sophie Reynolds, Richard Heaver Div 1 RWT
A23-091Increasing Cervical Screening UptakeChace Smith, Dr Stone, Dr Olomolaiye, Dr Pitchika, Tina Hadley-Barrows, Lisa Parker, Sarita JonesPrimary Care Network Div 3 RWT
A23-062Increasing ED Staff Awareness of the STUMBL Score to Assess Patietns with Rib FracturesDr Wei Yee Audrey Chew, Dr Mohmad Salim, Melike Gerrits, Florence Needham, Amy Reynolds Surgery WHT
A23-019Safe and Proper Disposal of Used Tympanic Thermometer Nguyiman Monte WHT
A23-078Improving driving advice documentation in EDS follosing ACS eventsEleanor Richardson, Chloe Poole, Dr R Jaumdally MLTC Medicines and Long Term Conditions WHT
A23-028District Nurse Boot Camp for New StartersHayley LawAdult Community Services – Planned Care Team Div 3 RWT
A23-056Improving patient outcomes, self-efficacy and control of own rehabilitation via the intervetion of Saebo orthosis at home via the support and specialism of physio and OTCathryn noble, Heidi Worley, Nicola McGuiggan Community WHT
A23-037Coolstick, A Cool Trick: Can We Do Away With The Spray?Dr Ben Magnus, Dr Yoshimi Ito, Dr Meenu Netke, Dr Meera Raithatha, Dr Tina VazEndocrinology Div 1 RWT
A23-009Development of the Advacnced Clinical Practice (ACP) role within an integrated palliative care serviceSara SmithPalliative Care Centre Community WHT
A23-040ED POCUS Workshop training for Peripheral Vascular Access QIPKarim Nassar, Misbh Mohammad MLTC Medicines and Long Term Conditions WHT
A23-116Improving door to needle timesLouise Landucci, Dr Ramachandra
Krystie Corbett – Matron,
Rachael Jones – Senior ANP
Lucie Dews - ANP
Stroke Div 2 RWT
A23-012Introduction of a new smoking cessation service for inpatientsJackie Smith, Alison YatesStrategy & Service Development Corporate WHT
A23-095NELA RiskRichard Morse, Andy Claxton, Mina Saad Div 1 RWT
A23-090Improving Access For PatientsChace Smith, Baljit Juss, Rachael Brown, Tram Bui, Sarita Jones, Lisa ParkerPrimary Care Network Div 3 RWT
A23-017Breathing life into Oxygen Prescription Practices in Acute Medical WardsVineela Karimireddy, Tariqul Islam, S Raveendran, M Jilani MLTC Medicines and Long Term Conditions WHT
A23-049Reduction of Pressure Ulcers on Ward A5/6 Diane Pullinger, Kerry-Jane Brookes, Jane Sandle, Sarah WinterTissue Viability Div 4 RWT
A23-035Patient Journey: Evaluation of a novel high-frequency undergraduate simulation programmeDr Joseph Leong-Son, Dr Annabel Ariyathurai, Dr Rhiannon Newman, Dr Widad Ramadan, Dr Donovan SimpsonClinical Fellow Div 4 RWT
A23-083START SMART - Antibiotic Prescribing practice in Paediatric Deartment - Walsall NHS TrustHabeebah Jimoh, pooja Siddhi, Aidan Plant WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-077Deteriorating Patient Care Bundle QIPSondos Eladawi, K Rajan, A Shakir, G Onotu, A Samee, C Busting, R Nair, Dr Shelley Ravendran MLTC Medicines and Long Term Conditions WHT
A23-053Ward Round Improvements on Ward increase discharges and reduce LOSAaron Bate MLTC Medicines and Long Term Conditions WHT
A23-073Is DigiFab given appropriately according to guidelines in Manor Hospital?Yi Lung Gan, Gurleen Nandhra, Dr Nadia Sunni MLTC Medicines and Long Term Conditions WHT
A23-047Applying Health Care Systems Engineerig to a renal ClinicTom Johnson Corporate WHT
A23-127The Ambulance Receiving CentreGwyneth Kidd, Michelle Redding, Dr Helen Ward, Dr Thushi Ashmore, Sarah Wilmshurst, Debbie Callow, Chris PannellED Div 2 RWT
A23-072S.O.R.T.ing out Sepsis in Walsall, How the sepsis and Outreach Response Team has improved sepsis treatment and ComplinanceAmy Blakemore, Rebecca Clay, Helen Halsall, Louise King, Hjeanette Roberts, Xana Marriott, Angela Dixon, Karen Rawlings, Dr Mohsen Khali, Dr Ruchi Joshi Surgery WHT
A23-065Continuous quality improvement using the national Emergency Laparotomy AuditSatish Rajamanickam, Mirajini Manoharan Surgery WHT
A23-061Implement BSOTS process to ensure women are seen within 15 minutes of arrival in the department
Ana Yepes, Leanne O'Flaherty, Paul Woollett, Julie Newton, Natalie Wilkes, Fiona Morgan, Carla Jones-Charles WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-071The role of in-situ simulation (ISS) in internal pediatric transfers strategized for PAU/ED colocation departmental experiencePooja Siddhi, J Thompson, J Horobin, D Ashley, S Webb, S Cornforth, J Marriott, S Bogle & Walsall pediatric team WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-119Ask TomDr John Blackwell, Thomas Moore, Gemma Slater, Tony Burgess, Amir Adlan Surgery WHT
A23-097Tiny Cuddles – facilitating delivery suite cuddles for very preterm babiesJen Harkness, Richard Heaver Div 1 RWT
A23-029Revising the medical night handover protocol Dr Francesca Rees, Dr A Hackney, Dr E Steer, Dr M Whitsey General Internal Medicine Div 2 RWT
A23-113Podiatry Student Placement Hub Russell Hanks, Bill Law, Jennifer Round, Gemma Gamage, Brian Jackson, Joanne BengeAcute and Community AHP Group Div 3 RWT
A23-052Safe Air: A collaboration with West Midlands Fire ServiceDr Angela Holden, Dr Hafiz Sabri, Karen Bird, Lisa Sammons, Phil Reilly, Dr Kathleen Thickett, Sharon Hamil, Nichola MacDuffRespiratory Div 2 RWT
A23-126successful implementation of a novel HIV treatment strategy: challenges, outcomes and patient perspectiveJoseph Arumainayagam, Kate Holland, Gaynor Quinn, Radeyah Anjum, Sashi Acharaya WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-080An Audit of Nutritional Intake in NIV Patietns on the ICUCatherine Galimore and ICU Rehab Team Surgery WHT
A23-110Healthy Child Programme 0-19 years - Saving time for Health Visiting Digital migrationCaroline Mansell Community WHT
A23-129Improving quality of care for women choosing Intra Uterine Contraception (IUC)Radeyah Anjum, Rafarajeswari Satypal, Sashi Acharaya, Joseph, Arumainayagam WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-039GROUP & SAVE SAMPLES FOR ROBOTIC-ASSISTED LAPAROSCOPIC PROSTATECTOMYKean Hoong Tan, Bhagyashree Netke, Suresh-Jay Mathias, David MakUrology/Anaesthesia Div 1 RWT
A23-015Diabetic Care in Residential HomesJaspal Kaur Bassi, Julie Collins, Helen Carrington Adult Community Services Div 3 RWT
A23-096CEPOD Start Times ImprovementRichard Morse, All CEPOD Theatre Staff, Anaesthetists and Surgeons Div 1 RWT
A23-124Introducing conscious sedation in the oral and maxillofacial outpatient department Dr Javeria Mahmood, Samantha CarterHead and Neck Div 1 RWT
Onyinye Akpenyi, Jaishree Gandhewar, Omar MostafaOphthalmology, WEI Div 1 RWT
A23-107Perioperative Management of Hip FracturesDr Sarah Dunn, Dr J Cros, Dr H Kathuria, Dr S Haque, Mr G PemmarajuOrthopaedics Div 1 RWT
A23-034Internal transfer process for registered and unregistered nursesTsitsi MagwazaChief Nurse fellow Div 1 RWT
A23-081Promoting Early Mobility on the Intensive Care UnitAmy Bonner Surgery WHT
A23-079Should I Feed this Patient? NG Tube Never Event and ImprovementsAtul Garg, Angela Dixon, ICU and Patient Safety Teams Surgery WHT
A23-063Erector Spinae Plane (ESP) Blocks as an Analgesic Option for Patients with Rib Fractures Dr Wei Yee Audrey Chew, Dr Ashley Dark, Dr Mohmad Salim Surgery WHT
A23-008Deployment of COVID-19 treatments for highest risk non-hospitalised patientsJulie Painter, Resham Khun-Khun, Nicholas CarreLiving Well Directorate Div 3 RWT
A23-075Managing UTI: Multidisciplinary Antimicrobial Stewardship InterventionKaramjit Badyal, Kitty Dhingral, Dr Aiden Plant, Jossy Ashlin, Dr Rimaz Turkawi WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-064IV Cannulation ProjectSupriya Gupta, Dr V Senthil, Dr U Fernando, Dr Dalia Salih MLTC Medicines and Long Term Conditions WHT
A23-021Helping 5th year medical students perpare for FY1Anastasia Ellis, Sandeep Damaraju, Anam Ijaaz, Sarah Brooks, William Dryburgh, Liam Manley WHT
A23-032The RWT Push Model ProcessGwyneth Kidd, Sarah Wilmshurst, Michelle Redding, Louise EveEmergency Services, Capacity & Div 2 Management Teams Div 2 RWT
A23-003CYP Crisis Care PlanPaula Lane, Jodie Kirby, Charlotte YalePDU - Mental Health WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-007Preventing illness and improving health for all: NHS Health Checks in Mander Centre Health Hub, Wolverhampton Julie Painter, Resham Khun-Khun, Nicholas CarreLiving Well Directorate Div 3 RWT
A23-074Drug Chart prescription and medication ErrorsAhmed Kazem, Arif Khan, Ahmed Omar, Amany Hamed, Khanemozhi Anbarasan MLTC Medicines and Long Term Conditions WHT
A23-059Let thy Brest Milk be thy medicineMarwa Alkotamy, Pratima Jain, Susan Cogrove, Minarun Nes WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-042Emergency Department Streaming PilotGwyneth Kidd, Sarah Wilmshurst, Michelle Redding, Jen NobleED Div 2 RWT
A23-024Improving the safety of medical on-call 9pm handover
Helena Lee, Dr Nabeelah Jahmeerbaccus, Dr Amged Khairy, Dr Helena Lee, Dr Matthew Young. Supervisors: Dr Tazeen Muneer, Miss Ruchi Joshi, Nuhu Usman, Prof. Helen SteedRheumatology MLTC Medicines and Long Term Conditions WHT
A23-051BEAT: Bronchiectasis Elastomeric Antibiotic Therapy - A PilotDr Angela Holden, Dr Joshua Aigbirior, Karen Bird, Kiran Salhan, Lisa Sammons, Charlotte Dow, Wendie Bernard, Dr Richard Carter, Dr Kathleen Thickett, Nichola MacDuffRespiratory Div 2 RWT
A23-026Enhancing the recognition of sensory impairment on the Care of the Elderly wardsDr Alexander Hackney, Dr A Sharma, J Ball, Dr C WhartonOlder Adult Medicine Div 3 RWT
A23-123Local Anaesthetic Procedures ENT Mr. Karamveer Narang, Miss Jane Foo, Mandeep Chana, Mr. James BarracloughHead and Neck Div 1 RWT
A23-086Use of CTPA in an Acute MedicineDr. Rimaz  Turkawi, Dr. Gouda Siddalingana, Dr Sarah Ali, Dr Folake Ejigah, Dr Hamna Butt, Dr Tolulope Binuyo, Dr Rabia Arshad, Dr Ritta Motwani MLTC Medicines and Long Term Conditions WHT
A23-088Improvement for Patietns with Inflamatory Bowel Disease (IBD)Nidhi Sagar, Jabir Nahal MLTC Medicines and Long Term Conditions WHT
A23-031Criteria Led HandoverGwyneth Kidd, Bev MorganSenior Nursing Team Div 2 RWT
A23-099Impact of education and positioning aids on the prevalence of head shape deformities in preterm infantsCharlotte XanthidisNeonates Div 1 RWT
A23-004Training in Overarching Fundamentals of Ultrasound (TOFU)Sandeep Damaraju, Liam Manley, Anastasia Ellis, William Dryburgh, Anam Ijaaz, Sarah Brooks, Mirza Begg, Harriet SatterlyClinical Training Fellow WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-043The benefits of online pre-operative assessment Samir Nazir, Paul Forrester, Joan Dyer, Emma Sherry Surgery WHT
A23-020The Nice Factor: How kindness can impact medial students practice exam performanceSandeep Damaraju, L manley, S Brooks, W Dryburgh, A Ellis, A Ijaaz, J Evans WHT
A23-058Health Visiting targeted team for premature and medical pathwayLouise Brindley Community WHT
A23-094How effective is nurse
led ‘dedicated
breast pain clinic’?
Saima Taj, Zaid Al-Ishaq, Caroline Jones, Sam Bullows, Ehsanur Rahman,Vidya Raghavan, Rashmi Verma, Pilar Matey, Senthurun Mylvaganam,Brian Isgar, Tapan Sircar RWT
A23-102Improving Radiology Reporting in the NICUNicola Ruth, Chhoa C, Heaver RNeonates Div 1 RWT
A23-117The potential environmental impact of online pre-operative assessmentEmma Sherry, Samir Nazir, Paul Forrester, Joan Dyer Surgery WHT
A23-106Improving VTE assessment compliance in obstetrics and gynecology
A quality improvement project
By Dr Shivani Mahapatra, Dr Sivanandana Korrapati,
Dr Shivani Mahapatra, Dr Sivanandana Korrapati, Dr Sabita NairGastroenterology Div 2 RWT
A23-120Is a Virtual Fracture Clinic RequiredDr John Blackwell, Thomas Moore, Gemma Slater, Tony Burgess, Amir Adlan Surgery WHT
A23-068Nurse Initiated X-ray at Triage in PEDHira Syed, A Hamed, M Hockett, L Skermer, M Mohannad MLTC Medicines and Long Term Conditions WHT
A23-128Improving cost effectiveness of intrauterine contraception at Walsall Integrated Sexual Health Clinic (WISH)Penelope Thomas, Sashi Acharaya, Joseph Arumainayagam, Dr O Ohiza WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-018Racing Against Sepsis: Enhancing Diagnosis and Management with the Sepsis Six Care BundleVineela Karimireddy, Tariqul Islam, M Akran, T Seghal, S Kwajha MLTC Medicines and Long Term Conditions WHT
A23-084Implementation of Uterine Artery Doppler (Ut AD) Scanning: Quality Improvement in Care of Women at High Risk for Fetal Growth RestrictionSushma Sharma, Donna Perkins, Louise Caffrey, Hayley Whitehouse WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-092A Clinical Audit on the immediate Availability of Adrenaline
for the management of anaphylaxis in Surgical and Medical Wards
Dr Natalia Chilal, Mr Ahmed Ismail, Mr Ben LiuFoundation Year 1 Doctor Div 4 RWT
A23-121To improve the performance of GI wards by the end of 2023Gwyneth Kidd, Dr Ian Perry, Helen Farrelly-Daly, Maria Tan, Liz James, E. McBean, Akram Algieder, Pavit Tewatia, Lauren McKay, Kiran RahaniaGastroenterology Div 2 (RWT) RWT
A23-023Improving Patient outcomes in Emergency Cancer Care - the impact of a 7-day Acute Oncology Services (AOS)
Jayne Breen, D Fackrell, W Roberts Surgery WHT
A23-098Setting up a Developmental Care Ward Round – Just Do It!Charlotte Xanthidis, Kerry Harnett, Sophie Billingham, Laura Brennan, Alexandra Davis, Rachel Evans, Dr Kaysha LucesNeonates Div 1 RWT
A23-048PMB Clinics for gynaecologyEmily Bissell, Vinita Gurung WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-104Paediatric Cannula Documentation ComplianceAustin See, M. KanagaratnamPaediatrics Div 2 RWT
A23-050Improving sepsis Door to Needle time compliance on the Durnall Unit, consistently to 100% over a 2-year periodGwyneth Kidd, Sarah McGuire, Kayleigh Morgan, AOS Team, ONC ACPsOncology Div 2 RWT
A23-076Antimicrobial Stewardship for OutpatientsKaramjit Badyal, Elizabeth Fisher, Alison Letza, Callum Edwards-Williams, Shaun Hammond, Christopher Bevan, Julie Cole, Sian Jellings, Carrie Calvin, Dr Aiden Plant WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-014POLYPHARMACY MDT REVIEW IN OLDER PATIENTSMisba Janjua, Dr Oke, Dr Hedayat, Dr Ahmad, Dr Elmedany Pharmacy Div 3 RWT
A23-101Use of Non-Invasive Positive Pressure triggered ventilationNicola Ruth, Pervez S, Heaver R, Kumararatne BNeonates Div 1 RWT
A23-045School Nurse Champion ProgrammeVicky Bailey, Amanda Street, Alison Payne, Laraine Marston, Tryphine Molineux, Caroline Mansell, Sallyann Sutton, Keri Christie Community WHT
A23-057The Assessment of Symptom Burden Using IPOS-renal Survey in Individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease on the Sonservative Care Management PathwaySyed Jawad Ahmad, Lucia Birch, Donna Roberts, Emma Ozdemir, Lindsay Power, Majeed Khan, Matthew Dodd, Simon Harlin, Huda Mahmoud MLTC Medicines and Long Term Conditions WHT
A23-038Improving inter-speciality referralsMaiar Elghobashy, Simran Harlalka Endocrinology Div 2 RWT
A23-011Reducing Outstanding Incidents in MLTCLisa Meakin, Natasha Gallgher, Emma ThomasQuality Assurance MLTC Medicines and Long Term Conditions WHT
A23-036Care Coordination triage for WMASTom Mortimer, Rachael Brown, Leigh Dillon, Ami WhistonEmergency Medicine FY2 Div 3 RWT
A23-030Improving Access to Dental Care for the
‘Hard-to-Reach’ Group: A Service Evaluation
Dr Naomi Murray, Lauren Cork
Wolverhampton Special Care Dental Service
Special Care Dental Service Div 1 RWT
A23-055Mapping using Health Care Systems Engineering in an Antenatal ClinicJoyce Bradley Corporate WHT
A23-082Implementation of a Post-ICU Rehabilitation Class to Improve physical and Psychological Outcomes following Critical Illness
Amy Bonner Surgery WHT
A23-108QI Huddle BoardsSuzanne WhitehousePorters Team Div 4 RWT
A23-001The Use of Cryotherapy Following Total Knee ReplacementHamza Duffay, Darhuan Dong, Maha JeburOrthopaedics Div 1 RWT
A23-122Procedural Skills For Clinical FellowsAtul Gulati, Barry Hewitt, Elizabeth MiddletonCFM Team Clinical Services Div 4 RWT
A23-130A Quality Improvement Project Exploring the factors contributing to Individuals Declining HIV TestingNicole Stoney, Lucy Allen, Joseph Arumainayagam, Sashi Acharaya WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-044Paediatric Virtual WardSuzanne Priest, Dr A Bhaduri, Alison Watson, Jim McDonald WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-069Feasibility of same-day discharge following total laparoscopic hysterectomy in Walsall Manor HospitalNaushabah Malik, Mr Ghazal, Mr thoma, Mr Wollttett WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-112RWT and Black Country Community-Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) Care Bundle Joshua Aigbirior, Serena Lee, Rhianna Jones, Kunle Irojah, Jemma Gregory, Emily Wootton, Sumreen James, Emma Jenkinson, Shwetha Rao, Lee Dowson, Stanley Ejiofor, Atul GulatiRespiratory, Acute & Emergency Medicine Div 2 RWT
A23-103Rise of the Oxygen Empire ; Improving Oxygen Prescription in EPMADr Phil Thomas, Dr Sofea Zaid, Dr Dawar Ayyaz, Dr Laya Hariharan, Dr Usman Raja, Dr Syed KarimHaematology Div 2 RWT
A23-027Improving RWT’s SSNAP scoreGwyneth Kidd, Dr Khalid Javaid
Krystie Corbett, Matron, Stroke Services
Katie Woodward, Clinical Lead Therapist – Stroke & Neurology
Stroke Services Div 2 RWT
A23-054The Living with and beyond Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression Project”. A National Health Service improvement initiativeEmma HallOncology Div 2 RWT
A23-105Improving the documentation of abdominal paracentesis procedures in a gastroenterology ward to improve patient safety Alpha Madu, Ian PerryGastroenterology Div 2 RWT
A23-070Creating a Prolonged Jaundice ClinicUdeni Kollurage, Druscilla Ferdinand, Ammar Abdelhady, Cora Billyard, Anjan Bhaduri WCCSS Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support Services WHT
A23-115Fairoak HuddlesLouise Landucci, Christina Layton, Dr Anthony Oke, Amanda Watts, Jo Kerrison, Lisa PalingOlder Adult Medicine Div 2 RWT
A23-060Improving Psychological Health in Critical CareXana Marriott, Donna Botfield, Zoey Cox, Amy Bonner, Jodie Stokes Surgery WHT
A23-118Community Nursing Referral FormLiam Myrie, Laura Moore, Marie Grice Community RWT WHT
A23-089Bloody Infections are Serious BusinessAtul Garg, Angela Dixon, ICU ICNARC and IPC Teams Surgery WHT
A23-041Health I Pregnancy SuccessVicky Bailey, Diane McIntosh, Keri Christie, Sallyann Sutton, Caroline Mansell Community WHT
A23-111Improving Communication with MDT and the ICU Rehabilitation TeamXana Marriott, Donna Botfield, Zoey Cox, Amy Bonner, Jodie Stokes, Sarjit Basra Surgery WHT
A23-109Implementation of GSF in End og Life CareElenor Mills, Esther Waterhouse Community WHT