The resuscitation services team at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust is here to provide training and support for clinical staff.  We offer a range of nationally recognised courses that equip staff of all grades with the skills and confidence to recognise and manage an acutely unwell patient and provide resuscitation life support at an appropriate level.  We are also here to support with the safe management of medical emergencies and cardiac arrests within the trust, to offer feedback and opportunities for development and service improvement, ultimately improving patient safety.

We have recently taken over the management of the ReSPECT process within the trust.  This is a process advocated by the resuscitation council to recognise when patients are approaching the end of their life or potentially not suitable for CPR in the event of cardiac arrest.  It is something that we are very passionate about driving forward within the trust as it allows us to engage with patients and document their priorities of care, reducing complaints and improving patient satisfaction and safety. Book your ReSPECT authorship or awareness training using the QR code below.

Steve Cornforth

Lead Resuscitation Officer

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Alexandra Birch

Resuscitation Officer and lead for promoting Immediate Life Support

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Rekha Bhimji

Resuscitation Training Co-Ordinator

About the Team

Steve is the original and lead resuscitation officer within the trust.  He is a paramedic by background working with West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) for a number of years prior to coming into the hospital.  Steve has a keen interest in pre-hospital medicine & Trauma management.

Alex is a registered nurse by background – having trained and worked solely at Walsall Manor’s A&E department. Her focus is ensuring that all registered staff are trained to at least ILS standard and is actively pursuing this within the trust.

Rekha is the newest member of our team.  She has joined us from palliative care as the new Resuscitation Courses training coordinator.  Rekha is a valued member of the team and is learning her role with great enthusiasm.  Her role will include setting up, appropriately staffing, marketing and filling our trust resuscitation courses to outside candidates.

How do I book onto training courses?

For Basic Life Support please book through the trust learning and development website

For other courses, for example; ILS, ALS, ATLS, EPALS, NLS – these are booked through the trust academy website. Please note that if you are applying for a trust funded training course you will need to have you line managers approval prior to applying for a place.

Can we offer training to community services?

Absolutely! We are most happy to attend community services that are commissioned by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust.  Please liaise directly with ourselves to discuss further.

What else do we do?

We conduct regular audits across the trust of emergency equipment, cardiac arrest management and implementation of ReSPECT.  The aim is to improve patient safety, encourage continuous development and improvement and never to ‘shame’ departments.

Is this resuscitation relevant to me?

Resuscitation is of relevance to all staff – clinical and non-clinical.  All staff should be able to provide immediate intervention in the event of a patient/visitor/staff member becoming unwell and know how to request immediate help in these situations.  One day it may be a family member in need of assistance!

Contact Us

The Resuscitation Services team are located in the MLCC opposite Room 2.  We are onsite Monday to Friday 07:00 – 17:00. 

Please contact us via or

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