Work Experience

Please note, due to high demand we are unable to accommodate any further placements during the weeks stated below:

26th - 29th December 2017

1st - 5th January 2018

19th - 23rd February 2018

3rd - 6th April 2018

9th - 13th April 2018

25th - 29th June 2018

2nd - 6th July 2018

9th - 13th July 2018

Work Experience applications. 

We offer work experience placements across the Trust for students from local schools and colleges who are considering a career within a health and social care setting for a maximum of one block week, Monday - Friday only. The aims of our placements are to provide students with an opportunity to gain experience of working within a healthcare environment, giving them a valuable introduction to the 'world of work' including expected behaviours and attitudes. Please note we are unable to offer work experience shadowing doctors. Work experience is unpaid and is subject to eligibility and relevant clearances prior to any placement commencing.

The numbers of placements we can accommodate are limited and are offered on a first come, first served basis.  When all placements are full the work experience programme for that area will be closed until the following academic year. 

Notification of placement will be sent 6 weeks prior to placement.

Due to the nature of the placements, there are some restrictions based on age:

Years 10 and 11: Clerical placements only

Years 12 and 13: Clerical and some clinical shadowing placements

We cannot offer clinical placements to applicants under the age of 16.

  • Please note during your placement you will not be giving direct patient care.
  • Placements may be changed at short notice wherever possible we will offer you an alternative date / placement however this cannot be guaranteed
  • You may be asked to leave the work experience programme at any time if your behaviour is considered to be unsuitable.
  • Failure to provide evidence of immunisation will result in any placement offer being withdrawn.

Applying for Work Experience

To apply for a Work Experience placement at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust please click here.

Please note it does take a number of weeks to arrange a work experience placement. You will be notified of your application progress as soon as possible.

Please refer to the table below for information as to when you should be applying for your requested dates:

Please apply no later than: For a placement in:
December April, May, June
April July, August, September
July October, November, December
October January, February, March

For example, if you would like a placement in October please apply no later than July.

Long term placements

We regret that we are currently unable to offer long term placements.