We are the - ED - Champions!

From alcohol issues to organ donation via sepsis and dementia –staff in Walsall Healthcare’s Emergency Department are championing ways in which they can collectively achieve the Trust’s Vision of Becoming your partners for first class integrated care.

And their focus is on the safe, high quality care that anyone would want for their family and friends while making Walsall Manor Hospital a workplace to be proud of.

The department has a dozen Champions covering Professional Development, Sepsis, Dementia/Mental Health, Infection Control, Paediatrics, Safeguarding, Learning Disability, Organ Donation, Resuscitation, Quality and Safety, Alcohol Issues and End of Life. Some of these areas also have Associate Champions to offer support.

Karen Eccleston, whose responsibility is dementia and mental health, has been with the Trust for 30 years. She said all the Champions had put themselves forward after expressing an interest in making improvements in particular areas.

“We started the idea last April and it isn’t just something to put on our CVs; we are all committed to making this work,” she explained.

“We can clearly evidence the positive changes that we’re making and know these are impacting both our patients and our colleagues.

“In dementia for example we’ve introduced the butterfly symbol that denotes someone with a dementia diagnosis, started to work closely with dementia support workers and introduced the This Is Me document which details the things that are important to that patients.

“In the area of Learning Disability we have created a dedicated area for these patients that is a less clinical environment aimed at taking some of the anxiety out of the situation for them. We are also using pictures to communicate and encourage colleagues to attend awareness sessions.

“The Champion role also puts an emphasis on colleagues being able to progress and expand their skills and knowledge.”

Posted by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Tuesday, August 15, 2017 12:45:00 PM Categories: Improving