Walsall Healthcare welcomes new Chief Executive

Richard Beeken

Patient safety culture, staff engagement and the development of the Trust’s clinical strategy are the priorities that Walsall Healthcare’s new Chief Executive will focus on.

Richard Beeken, who started his Walsall role yesterday, joins the Trust from the University Hospitals of North West Midlands NHS Trust where he was Chief Operating Officer. Prior to that he has worked in Worcestershire, Dudley and Birmingham and a short period with NHS Improvement.

He said: “The progress this Trust has made since its 2015 CQC inspection has been excellent and I’m looking forward to getting out and about to meet our teams who are working hard to keep up the momentum of the improvements made so far.

“I won’t make major changes for change’s sake but staff will be asked to work differently if it means we can have a positive impact on our patients’ experience and on our own teams. Patient safety culture, staff engagement and the development of our clinical strategy will be my priorities.

“And while we do have vacancies in the Executive Team we’re not going to rush these appointments as we need to be sure we appoint the right people to the roles. The skills, expertise and leadership provided by the current Executive Team are clearly making an impact.”

Father-of-two Richard was formerly Chief Executive of the Wye Valley NHS Trust in Hereford after the Trust went into Special Measures.

“I would say in the three years I was there I crammed about ten years’ worth of experience about the leading of an organisation, heavy scrutiny and change. It was a massive learning curve. In Hereford we needed to focus on our patient safety culture, compliance and engagement as we worked as a team to come out of Special Measures which we achieved in 2016. So I do understand the journey that Walsall is on.

“Following my Chief Executive post with Wye Valley I always said I’d like the privilege of holding another Chief Executive role and I am really pleased to be at Walsall. My youngest son was born at the Manor Hospital  and my family is likely to use its services again so I am committed to Walsall.”

In his spare time Richard, whose wife Fiona is a midwife, is the frontman of a band, Fatman Alley, enjoys camping and plays “a bit of golf.”

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