Tell us about your maternity care

Hundreds of women who give birth at Walsall Manor Hospital and receive antenatal or postnatal support will be asked to give their feedback on the care they receive to help shape future improvements.

The 2018 Maternity Survey is part of a national survey programme run by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to assess maternity services across the country. The results help the CQC judge NHS performance along with ongoing monitoring and inspections.

Questionnaires will be sent out to a sample of women aged 16 and above who give birth during January and February 2018 asking about their antenatal care, childbirth and postnatal care. Young mothers aged 16 and 17 will be given additional support and information about participation in this survey. All women will also have a chance to opt out from the survey process if they wish.

Nicola Wenlock, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s Divisional Director of Midwifery, Gynaecology and Sexual Health, said: “We know that we still have challenges to address in maternity services but there are clear signs of the improvements that we want to continue to embed and we are offering women and their families a number of opportunities to tell us what we are doing well as well as suggest where we could do better.

“The Trust recently held a hugely successful Whose Shoes event that provided us with invaluable feedback and the 2018 Maternity Survey is another way that Walsall women can engage, participate  and help us to develop our services.

“The CQC wants to hear if they have been treated with dignity and respect, whether they received relevant, timely information and the choices they were offered. Hundreds of women will be approached to take part in the survey and I would ask them to please take the time to respond as they can directly influence their local services. Since our CQC inspection last summer we have made a number of improvements and we want to be confident that these improvements are having a positive impact on women’s experiences with us.”

The results from the 2018 Maternity Survey will be available towards end of the year and will be published on the CQC website.

A sample of 300 women who  have used services in January and February 2018 will be approached to give their views and they can expect to be contacted this March and April to give feedback on the experiences they had. The survey is voluntary and all answers are confidential. 

Posted by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Thursday, January 11, 2018 8:35:00 AM Categories: Maternity Services