Surgical Podiatry Team

What we do 

The foot surgery service provides diagnostic consultations and surgical treatment for patients with foot health problems. The role of the foot surgeon is to manage pain, correct deformity and prevent foot conditions from worsening. The service is provided for patients with stable medical health, suited to day surgery under local or general anaesthetics (for palliative care see under Podiatry). The scope ranges from nail surgery and soft tissue management to bone and joint surgery.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm

Service Locations

Walsall Manor Hospital

01922 721172 Ext 6574.
Fax number: 01922 656809

Are Self-Referrals Accepted?


How to Access the Service/Referral contact information

Via a GP or a registered healthcare professional, including occupational health at Walsall Manor Hospital, contact:

June Dils

01922 721172 Ext 6574.

Fax number: 01922 656809