Support Services are secret superheroes through cold snap

Support Services Assistant Rita Nicholls is just one of the few behind-the-scenes colleagues who stepped up to support the Trust during the recent harsh weather.

Rita, who has worked at the hospital for nine years, was only scheduled to work the Sunday of the frosty weekend, however kindly gave up her Saturday (16 Dec) to help ensure the hospital remained clean and safe for patients, visitors and staff.

“I was a little nervous about driving in such severe conditions but my husband and daughter took it in turns to help get me to and from work while the ice cleared. I’m really grateful to them as it meant longer days for them both!”

“Our main aim was to clear up the excess puddles and spillages brought in by the snow. As soon as we cleared up one area, it was often wet again within minutes - so we were constantly checking that our wards and corridors were safe for everyone visiting the hospital.

‘I’m always happy to help the team where possible and I’m pleased to do my bit for the Trust” said the 59-year-old.

Even the area where patients are transported from the ambulances into the Emergency Department had to be cleared to ensure that paramedics and ED staff could do their job safely.

And it’s not just snow, with the Trust’s recent incidents of norovirus, the support services team have played a critical role in changing beds sheets and curtains in order to prevent the spread of infection.

Sindy Sandhu is a Support Service Supervisor who recognises the extra efforts taken by Rita and her colleagues to help maintain high standards of care.

“Thanks to our staff who have worked really hard over the weekend” said Sindy. “It’s not always thought about that non-clinical colleagues are also pushed to work extremely hard during these circumstances, however they are integral to efficient flow through the hospital.”

Alison Potts, Facilities Manager added: “We have all been extremely busy trying to ensure that everyone who enters this hospital is safe, warm and well fed regardless of what pressures we have to deliver the day job.

“The Facilities staff care deeply about our patients and will help as much as they can to keep everyone safe and well.”

Posted by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Monday, December 18, 2017 11:07:00 AM