Staff Governors

Staff governors will have a vital role to play as part of the Council of Governors, and the role should be satisfying and challenging. Staff governors will have key responsibilities to both the Council and to the staff members they represent. It is an important role, so please read on to find out more about what being a staff governor will involve.

The simplest way to explain the role is perhaps to see it as a cross between being a school governor and an MP. Being a staff governor is like being a school governor because it involves working with others to improve a service, to check that the organisation is working effectively to achieve its purpose, and to protect the interests of the people who use the service as well as the people who provide the service (staff).

It's like being an MP in that a staff governor has a responsibility to the people who elect him or her.

The role involves talking and listening to staff about issues and concerns, about what's working well and what could be improved, and feeding those views into the work of the Council. 

Staff governors should communicate with staff in their constituency and feed the views of staff back to the Council of Governors and into any working groups or committees they are part of. Staff governors should advise the Council of the impact of decisions on staff, and advise on how staff can contribute to improving services for patients. They should regularly advise staff of work undertaken by the Council of Governors and seek their views. The Trust will work with the staff governors to develop effective ways to make sure this happens.