FRIENDS Programme Facilitator Training

We offer facilitator training to staff who work across our Early Help Partnership. Once trained as a facilitator you can deliver the FRIENDS programme in your own school or setting.

To train as a facilitator you need to attend a one day training on 'foundations of the FRIENDS programme' You can then train to facilitate any or all of the FRIENDS programmes. To train as a facilitator you will need to attend an additional half day training for each of the programmes that you wish to deliver.

                    Fun FRIENDS (4- 7 years)                                                                                                  FRIENDS for Life (8-13 years)




                 Teen FRIENDS (13 years +)                                                                                                       Adult Resiliency  




We offer a rolling programme of training. The following sessions are planned for 2017-18

Autumn first term 2017 -

  • 12th September – Core principles all day- Harden conference room
  • 13th September- Fun Friends 9.00-12.30-Harden conference room
  • 14th September- Teen Friends 9.00-12.30-Bently health centre
  • 20th September- Primary Friends 9.00-12.30-Harden conference room
  • 21st September- Adult resilience 9.00-12.30- Harden conference room

Spring second term 2018 –all training dates to be held at Blakenall Village Centre

  • 6th March – Core principles all day
  • 7th March – Fun Friends 9.00-12.30
  • 8th March – Teen Friends 9.00-12.30
  • 13th March – Primary Friends 9.00-12.30
  • 14th March – Adult Resilience 09.00-12.30

Summer second term 2018-all training dates to be held at Blakenall Village Centre

  • 12th June – Core principles all day
  • 13th June – Fun Friends 9.00-12.30
  • 14th June – Teen Friends 9.00-12.30
  • 19th June – Primary Friends 9.00-12.30
  • 20th June – Adult Resilience 9.000-12.30

f you would like to train as a facilitator you need to fulfil the criteria below:

  • Have the full support of your organisation/school/setting
  • Be able to attend all of the sessions and for the full session time
  • Have signed permission from your line manager who agrees to support you to deliver at least 1 group per academic year in your own setting
  • Agree to sign and abide by the licence agreement for the programme. This includes delivery the programme over the required number of sessions and adhering to the session format and sequence of sessions.

To book a place on a training programme please complete the booking form and return to