Returning Home

Leaving Hospital

After a thorough assessment of your needs, your medical team may decide that before you return home you may need to stay for a short time in a different care setting to aid your recovery and rehabilitation. 

Please be assured you will not be asked to leave hospital until you have been assessed as medically fit to be discharged.

A hospital ward is not the ideal place to continue your recovery and rehabilitation once your acute illness is over. Staying in hospital too long can make you lose confidence in your ability to look after yourself, and may increase your risk of acquiring an infection. 

Short-term care

There are several care settings in the local area. We will allocate you a place in the facility with the next available bed. We will try to place you near your home, but this is not always possible. You can visit this facility if time allows. 

We will arrange transport to take you to your next care setting. 

If you are not happy with your care setting, or do not want to receive care away from home, please discuss this with the hospital staff who have been caring for you. 

What will happen once I transfer to my next care setting?

A dedicated adult social care team will have been working with the Discharge team at Walsall Manor Hospital. Once you transfer to a care facility you will be allocated a social worker who will support you, your family and your carers and they will work with you throughout your recovery. 

Our care facilities are staffed by registered nurses at all times. They have access to a GP and other healthcare professionals should you need them. 


Your care will be funded for a maximum of six weeks. Many people leave their care setting before this time and the average length of stay is two weeks. If you need to stay longer than six weeks your social worker will speak to you about how this additional time will be funded. They will also discuss with you how a stay in a care facility may affect your benefits.

Moving back home

When it is time for you to go home, your social worker and medical professionals will make arrangements for any futher care or medical treatment. If you require medication we will ensure you have a supply of your drugs to take home with you. 

Useful Numbers

Age UK Walsall - 01922 625646
Integrated Discharge team - 01922 656439
Patient Relations team - 01922 656463