Ready Steady School

Our aims are to address the issues of “School Readiness” in order to ensure all children have the opportunities to acquire the skills to be ready to learn once they start school. Enabling best outcomes for every child.

Ready Steady School pledge:
To support every Walsall child to ASPIRE, LEARN and ACHIEVE.

  • Before school – Ensuring that every child starts school equipped with the skills to learn
  • At school – Supporting schools to improve the very best outcomes for all children


Referrals can be made to the service for any child, living within the Walsall Borough, who are of nursery age. Parental consent must be gained before making a referral. Referrals will only be received via

  • Areas of concern covered are:-
    • Toilet training
    • Speech and communication
    • Self help
    • Healthy eating and lifestyle
    • Behaviour – Understanding Your Child Parenting Programme
    • Confidence and Self Esteem – Fun Friends Programme


Referrals can be made by:-

Schools, Nurseries, Children's Centre Staff, Health Visitors and GPs.

Referrals will only be received using a generic referral form sent to

Referrals will be screened once a week by a member of the School Readiness Team


The referral and an outcome letter will be sent via email to the appropriate Health Visiting Team for allocation. A copy of the outcome letter will be sent to the Parent / Carer and referrer.


An inappropriate referral letter will be sent to the referrer with a copy of the Ready, Steady, School referral criteria.