Cancer, or any other life-threatening illness, affects the whole person, not just the body.  Sometimes people benefit from talking about the emotional effects of their illness.  Close relationships can become strained or altered by serious illness, and many people tell us that their loved ones and family are equally as affected by a new diagnosis as the patient themselves. There may be difficult decisions to make or conversations to have; sometimes the recommended treatments or surgeries for a life-threatening illness present a significant challenge in themselves.

Speaking about feelings and thoughts with a psychologist is a different experience to mulling things over to ourselves or talking to a family member or friend.  As healthcare professionals who are not part of your day-to-day social life, we are highly trained to listen and think with you about your difficulties in a confidential setting.  Seeing a psychologist is not a sign of weakness or does not mean you are mentally ill.  We see ordinary people who have to cope with extraordinary circumstances, such as the stresses and strains that can accompany Cancer and its treatment.  The service is available for carers and their families, as well as patients.  As part of our direct clinical service, we run a number of therapeautic groups: please click on the tabs below for further information.

We can offer outpatient appointments at the Manor Hospital, at the Palliative Care Centre in Goscote and at Darlaston Health Centre. We also offer inpatient appointments at the Manor Hospital and at St.Giles Hospice in Walsall.

The Oncology & Palliative Care Psychology Team also provides a number of indirect services within Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, including regular consultation, teaching and training, and clinical supervision. Teaching workshops include Advanced Care Planning; Communication Skills (e.g. within the Palliative Care Foundation Programme);  'Body, Mind & Spirit at the End of Life'; Mindfulness for Staff and other bespoke teaching that teams may require (e.g. Assertiveness Training). 


Dr Shradha Lakhani
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Inpatients, outpatients, community visits
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Dr Lucy Finucane
Macmillan Clinical Psychologist

Inpatients, outpatients, community visits
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Ms Sindeep Lehl
Macmillan Cognitive-Behavioural 

Chemotherapy Unit
at Walsall Manor Hospital
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Group Information and Leaflet Downloads

  •     Beyond Cancer

The main aim of the Beyond Cancer Group is to help patients manage the transition from active treatment to 'survivorship' in the here and now, which is highlighted as one of the most psychologically-demanding phases of the patient pathway (NICE 2004).

  •    Anxiety 

This group is structured and directive, for people who are able to work cognitively. It is based on a cognitive-behavioural (CBT) approach.

  •     Mindfulness

This group is open to patients and carers, and teaches mindful-meditation skills and techniques.

  •     Palliative Psycho-Social Group

This group enables patients with a palliative diagnosis to have open and honest conversations in a supportive environment, without a sense of 'doom and gloom'.

Contact Information

Please contact us at:
Darlaston Health Centre
Clinical Health Psychology (First Floor)
Pinfold Street
WS10 8SY.

Tel:  0121 568 4325
Fax: 0121 568 4329

Please note that the Clinical Health Psychology Service does not have full time admin.  If you need to speak to our secretary, please call between the hours of 9.00 am to 2.00 pm, Monday to Friday.  If it is not convenient to call within these times please leave a message on the team answerphone and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Please also bear in mind that Psychology is not a crisis service. In an emergency where you are worried about the safety of yourself or someone you are caring for, please contact your GP, the Psychiatric Liaison Team at Manor Hospital (01922 721172) or the Mental Health Crisis Team at Dorothy Pattison Hospital (01922 607000).

Referral Information

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