Abstract rules

Submit your abstract

Please read the following rules before submitting your abstract on this website:

Writing your abstract

  1. Abstracts will be accepted between 1st April 2020 to 15th April 2020.
  2. The abstract should include the following delineated sections:
    • A title (should reflect main subject or message of project).
    • Background: explaining why you did this project.
    • Aims: In one sentence, explain the specific aim of the project.
    • Methods: Briefly describe the methods used throughout the project. List key steps carried out, tools used and timeframe.
    • Results: Summarise the results from the project and include sufficient evidence to support the results and to identify what changes have emerged. The evidence must support the conclusions made.
    • Conclusions (There should be a Conclusion or Take-home message).
  3. Maximum 300 words in the main body.
  4. Multiple authors can be submitted, Separate names with a comma followed at the end with the name of your department
  5. Only projects associated with Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust will be accepted. (GP and psychiatry projects accepted)
  6. All authors mentioned above should be aware of the results and submission.
  7. Presenting author should have made a significant contribution to the project.
  8. A “SINGLE” table or graphic can be added to the template along with the abstract body.
  9. The chosen abstracts may be displayed on the website or in a QI repository for future reference and teaching.
  10. By submitting their abstract to the Awards event, the authors give us their consent for the abstracts or poster to be used for reference purposes and public display if considered suitable, and teaching by the Trust’s Qi Academy.
  11. Projects should include Quality Improvement following an audit, survey or review of service. Improvement interventions can include simulation and education. A structured plan of changes following an audit would be acceptable, even if no improvement was demonstrated.

You can view the abstract scoring criteria here.

There will be a shortlisting of all submitted abstracts and authors will be informed by 24nd April whether their projects have been accepted for poster or oral presentation.

Producing your poster

  1. The size of your poster must be A1 PORTRAIT (594 x 841mm) and should include both the Walsall Healthcare and Qi Awards logos on a white background.
  2. You are allowed to use any software of your choosing. A Powerpoint slide template will be emailed.
  3. Please submit your posters by the deadline, else they will be rejected.
  4. There is a team of QI Awards that can help you design your poster, or examine your draft poster for suggestions. Please email Tom Johnson if help is required.
  5. The QI Awards team will print the posters FREE of charge.
  6. Posters and oral presentations will be scored as per this scoring criteria.
  7. Participants are expected to stand alongside their poster during the event in order answer any questions and to score points under the ‘knowledge’ category.

About 30 abstracts will be chosen for poster presentation and four will be chosen for oral presentation in Sister Dora Lecture theatre.

There will be awards for Best Poster and Runner-up Best Poster, Best Oral Presentation and People’s Choice Presentation.

Submit your abstract