Laboratory results

All positive Blood cultures, CSFs, other sterile fluids and clinically important isolates are communicated promptly by the Consultant Microbiologist to the relevant clinical team, the ward sister, or the most senior person available who is dealing with the patient. Results from reference laboratories will be telephoned to the requesting wards, as deemed necessary by the consultant microbiologist. Provisional results may be obtained by telephone if available. Final results from all samples are available on Fusion or via GP links.

Reference ranges

The reference ranges of the following tests are given below.

  • Aspergillus precipitins
  • Avian precipitins

For Gentamicin and Vancomycin reference ranges click here

Test Normal range Units
Aspergillus precipitins 0-40 mg/L
Avian Precipitins 0-40 mg/L
Budgie feathers 0-40 mg/L
Budgie Droppings 0-40 mg/L
Pigeon serum 0-40 mg/L
Pigeon feathers 0-40 mg/L
Pigeon droppings 0-40 mg/L

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time (TAT) for specific tests/specimen types is calculated from the date of receipt to the date of authorisation. Targets for each request type are set by the laboratory for the number of calendar days within which 90% of reports are issued. General bacteriology specimens are processed 7 days a week (including follow up work). Serology, parasitology and mycology requests are processed Monday to Friday. The turnaround times achieved for specific requests are shown in the table below.

Specimen/Request  type  TAT* Specimen/Request type  TAT*
MRSA 1 HIV serology 2
Urine Microscopy 0 Hepatitis serology (A,B,C) 3
Urine Culture 2 Syphilis 1
Swabs/Fluids 3 Rubella serology 2
Sputum 3 VZ/Measles/Mumps IgG 3
Faeces Culture 3 Toxoplasma serology 3
Norovirus 1 CMV serology 3
Rota/Adenovirus 1 EBV (EBNA) 3
CDT 1 ASO titre 1
OCP 4 Gent/Vanc Assay 1
Blood culture 6 Legionella/Pneumo Urine Ag 0
Chlamydia/GC (molecular) 3 Chlamydia IF 1
GC culture (Sexual Health) 3  HIV viral loads 6
CSF culture 2 Most common/vital referred tests
Mycology 35 Pneumocystis PCR 7
TB culture 60 Meningo/Pneumococcal PCR 10
Resistant Org. Screen (pre-op) 3 Respiratory PCR 6
 Antenatal infectious disease screen  0 Aspergillus precipitins 15
Herpes PCR 11
Syphilis confirmation 11
HCV viral load 14
Functional antibodies 21

*Figures refer to turnaround times achieved April – Dec 2016.