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This privacy statement relates only to this website and links to external web sites are not included. With thanks to all NHS Trusts, our website has taken inspiration from a variety of different sources and websites.

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Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust has responsibility for ensuring your personal data is processed in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. This responsibility is taken very seriously by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, and the purpose of this privacy statement is to:

  • Inform you why we collect information about you
  • Inform you how we use your personal information
  • Explain who we share your personal information with
  • Explain how you can restrict the disclosure of information
  • Inform you about our text messaging service
  • Explain how your personal information is used to improve the NHS as a whole
  • Explain how you can access your medical records

Why We Collect Information about You

The purpose of the NHS is to provide you with the highest quality of health care, and to help us achieve this we must keep records about your health, treatment and care we have provided or plan to provide.

These records are called your health records and may be stored in paper format or electronically. Health records may include information such as:

  • Personal information including your name, address, date of birth, next of kin and ethnicity
  • Contacts we have had with you such as hospital admissions or outpatient appointments
  • Notes and reports about your health
  • Results of x-rays, tests etc
  • Relevant information from people who care for you and know you well such as health professionals and relatives

If you think that any of the information we hold about you is incorrect is it really important that you let us know as soon as possible. Please check that the details we have about you are correct with either the receptionist if you are attending an outpatient's appointment or the ward clerk if you are an inpatient. If you feel we have incorrect medical information please inform your doctor.

How Do We Use Your Personal Information?

We use your information to ensure that all healthcare professionals involved in your care within the Trust have the most accurate and up to date information to assess your health and decide on the most appropriate care for you. We also use your information to help us monitor our performance and help staff review the care we provide to help ensure it remains a high quality.

Does Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Share my Personal Information for Healthcare Purposes with other Professionals?

In all circumstances where we need to share your information we will only share it with those who are authorised to receive it. In most cases this will include:

•Your GP

•Another hospital if your care and rehabilitation is to be continued elsewhere

All information we hold about you is confidential. We will not release any information about you without your consent, expect to other professionals involved in your care or in exceptional circumstances for instance when the health and safety of others is at risk or where the law requires information to be passed on.

Does Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust share my Personal Information for Non Healthcare Purposes?

If the Trust is asked to disclose your personal information for a purpose unrelated to healthcare, for example sending information to:

  • Housing departments
  • Education services
  • Voluntary services
  • Sure Start teams
  • Government departments
  • The Police

We will ask you for your explicit consent to share your personal information unless we are mandated by law or the health and safety of others is at risk.

We May Also Use / Share Your Anonymised Information (with appropriate health and social care professionals) to:

  • Conduct clinical audits
  • Carry out or participate in research projects
  • Help plan future services
  • Investigate complaints, concerns, legal claims or incidents
  • Provide statistics on NHS performance and activity
  • Train and educate our staff
  • Receive payment for the care we provide
  • Notify central NHS groups of outbreaks of infectious diseases

Disclosure of Information

You do have the right to restrict how and who we share your personal information (held within your medical record) with. It is important that any restrictions you wish to apply are recorded within your medical record to help ensure that all staff involved in your care are aware of your wishes.

If you decided not to share your information with other professionals this may make the provision of treatment or care more difficult.

You do have the right to change your mind about the disclosure of information but please also note that in in exceptional circumstances for instance when the health and safety of others is at risk or where the law requires information to be passed on we will need to share your information.

NHS Care Records Guarantee

The Care Record Guarantee is the NHS commitment that we will use records about you in ways that respect your rights and promote your health and wellbeing. The Care Record Guarantee can be accessed via the link below:

How do we Keep Your Information Safe?

Everyone who works for the NHS or in partnership with the NHS has a legal obligation to keep your information confidential and secure.

All staff are required to complete on an annual basis mandatory information governance training which covers confidentiality and processes for keeping your information secure.

Within Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust there are key individuals with responsibility for protecting your information and these are the Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) who is accountable for the management of information assets and associated risks and incidents, and also the Caldicott Guardian who is responsible for the management of patient information and patient confidentiality.

Text Messaging

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust operates a text messaging service. If you opt to use this service you will be asked to confirm your contact details, including your mobile telephone number. Text messages will then be sent to the mobile telephone number you have provided us with.

Please note that the number you provide us with must be your own personal mobile telephone number. We cannot be held responsible if someone else reads your text message.

You do not have to provide us with your mobile telephone number if you do not wish to receive this service.


When collecting or transferring sensitive information such as health and personal details we use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure.

However, any information we receive from you via Hotmail, AOL, Google mail or Yahoo or other web-based email systems and any response we might transmit via email in return, cannot be guaranteed to be completely protected from access by unauthorised persons. This is because the World Wide Web is beyond our control. It is also the case that we cannot guarantee who has access to an individual's emails within any home, office or internet café setting.

If we receive an email from you via Hotmail, AOL, Google mail or Yahoo or other web-based email systems we will assume that you have provided your consent for us to respond to that email address and you have taken into account the issues raised above.

Can I Access my own Health Record?

You do have the right to access your own health record or those belonging to:

  • Your child, if the healthcare professional decides it's in the best interest of the child. In the case of older children you may see the records if the child agrees, or if the child is unable to understand, if the healthcare professional agrees that it is in the child's best interests
  • A patient who has died and you are acting as their personal representative or you have a claim resulting from their death
  • Someone unable to give permission because of age or mental ability

However, you can be refused access to some or all of your records if:

  • The person in charge of your care thinks that you or someone else can be harmed by disclosing the information
  • The information relates to or was provided by someone else who can be identified and is not the patient or a healthcare professional
  • You have applied on behalf of someone who has died or is no longer capable and they originally gave the information on the understanding it would not be shared

If you would like further information about accessing your records please telephone the Health Records Library on 01922 721172 ext 7458 or alternatively write to:

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

Healthcare Records Manager

Manor Hospital

Moat Road



Data Controller

The Data Controller responsible for keeping your information confidential is:

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

Moat Road


West Midlands



The Data Protection Act 1998 requires organisations to register with the Information Commissioner's Office to describe the purposes for which they process personal information. These details are available publicly from:

Information Commissioner's Office

Wycliffe House

Water Lane



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