Pre-assessment and Arrivals

Pre-Operative Assessment is a Nurse led clinic located in the Manor hospital on the first floor Route 104. Clinics run from Monday to Friday offering appointments during office hours. In addition we run an anaesthetic clinic on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Pre- assessment occurs on the surgical pathway between the patients clinic consultation and the surgical admission. All patients who are having anything other than a local anaesthetic are seen in our clinics where we screen for MRSA and assess their fitness for a general anaesthetic. Those patients who are having a local anaesthetic are asked to attend for MRSA screening only. Following their appointment in Pre-Operative assessment patients are given instructions to attend the Arrivals Lounge on the day of their operation.

The Arrivals Lounge is a recently refurbished waiting room located in the Treatment Centre on the 2nd floor Route 201 and is open from 7am Monday to Friday. Facilities include comfortable sofas, a flat screen TV, books, magazines and puzzles. Patient are asked to attend the Arrivals Lounge on the day of their operation at the time specified in their admission letter. This is to allow the staff in Arrivals to carry out important and necessary safety checks; by the Nurse, the Anaesthetist and the Surgeon. A relative is welcome to accompany patients during their time in the Arrivals lounge.

Depending on the site of your operation, it may be necessary for theatre staff to remove your underwear whilst you are anaesthetised. Please be assured that your dignity will be maintained and respected at all times. If you have any questions or concerns about this please ensure you raise them with a member of staff before going into theatre.

Service Lead

Amandeep Basra, Senior Sister,  Pre-Operative Assessment

01922 721172 ext. 7369

Rose Rogers, Senior Sister, Arrivals Lounge

01922 721172 ext. 7664