Patient Journey

Family Journeys Below is a short experience of a family. As a unit we can put you in touch with families who have experienced similar journeys. If you are interested contact Julie Mace 01922 656350. Statement of praise Walsall Manor Hospital Trust Neo-Natal Ward

On the 19th October 2011 myself and my husband were faced with the scary reality of having our baby son arrive at 28 weeks weighing in at 2lb 15oz. From the moment of entering the Manor Hospital I was given fantastic care and William was delivered by emergency 'C' section. William was then taken to the Neo-Natal ward of the Manor Hospital where his journey to recovery began. William received amazing care, treatment and love during his 8 ½ week stay in the Neo-Natal ward. The neo-natal staff worked tirelessly forsaking their own well being to give all of the babies on the ward the loving professional care they needed to make healthy recoveries. Myself and my husband were looked after as sensitively as William; receiving constant updates on his progress throughout the whole time he was under their care, being encouraged to ask any questions and never being made to feel that our presence on the Neo-Natal ward was a hindrance to their important work. The staff demonstrated impeccable professionalism, sensitivity and dedication to the care of William and us since day one and we will be forever eternally grateful for what they have done for our little family. We were discharged from the Walsall Manor Hospital Neo-Natal ward on Sunday 18th December 2011 with our little son William who became known by us and the staff as 'Little Bill'. We left the hospital knowing that our son had received wonderful treatment from the very best professionals in their field; we thank the living angels who have given us the most precious gift this Christmas - our Little Bill. Forever Grateful, Your Friends Kate, Rich & William Jones Parental Support Group Coming very soon to our Walsall Neonatal Unit is our parent support group. We are currently in the process of setting up the group. For any information contact Julie Mace 01922 656350.