Walsall PACT (Patient Advisory Cancer Team)


Do you want to improve cancer services in Walsall?

Are you a cancer patient/carer in the Walsall area?

Do you feel passionately about the quality of services available to cancer patients in Walsall?

If your answer is 'yes' you may like to become involved in the Walsall Patient Advisory Cancer Team (PACT)

What is PACT?

Walsall PACT is a local group made up of cancer patients, carers and health professionals who meet and work together voluntarily to bring about further improvements in cancer services across the NHS in Walsall.

What we do

We meet every six weeks at the Walsall Manor Hospital

We invite guest speakers to talk on key issues, so that we are kept up to date and well informed on matters that may affect cancer patients. 

We aim to raise awareness around cancer issues at local and national levels, with a view to impacting on improvements in cancer care.

All our members have the opportunity to attend training courses to help increase their knowledge; which will support them within the group.

Our achievements so far...

We have successfully achieved free parking for chemotherapy patients at Walsall Manor Hospital.

We have identified training needs within the ambulance service for laryngectomy patients; which are now assured.

We have produced an information leaflet promoting our services to strengthen our link with Information and Support Services, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust.

We support Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust during cancer awareness week, a successful annual event held during August in Walsall town centre; featured in the local press.

How to get involved

We are looking for cancer patients/carers to join the group, to bring their experience and stories to the table to help improve local services for others in a similar position. 

PACT... an influential force

With the backing and support of cancer medical and healthcare professionals; Walsall PACT has become a real influential force for positive change, so join us today and become a member of PACT. 




Information Support Services

01922 602610 or 0800 783 9050