Parent's Involvement

Parental Involvement

We would encourage you to get involved in your baby's care as much as possible. You will be encouraged to change and feed your baby. We will teach you how to bath your baby and will help and support you in the handling of your baby.


We have two parents' rooms with dedicated kitchen and toilet facilities. These rooms are used when your baby is ready to go home and you needed to learn the extra bit and get confident about managing baby's needs. We encourage you to 'room in' so that you can look after your baby on your own with a peace of mind that professional help is around. There is a kitchen, rest area and toilet adjacent to this accommodation. There is a children's play area, a short distance to the neonatal unit.


If for any reason, you have cause for complaint, please speak to the most senior person on duty - this may be the Team Leader, Ward manager or Matron. We will endeavour to resolve any issues at this stage; if this is not possible, you will be directed to the PALS dept, who would guide you through the formal complaints procedure.