Paediatric Audiology

What we do

The Paediatric Audiology Service, which is based at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust,  provides audiological assessment and care for children living within the Walsall catchment. 

The ages of children seen range from newborn to school-leaving age. We can care for children with multiple disabilities, those who are difficult to assess for any reason and for children who are at increased risk of permanent hearing loss.

  • Paediatric Audiology Support for the ENT Department, which includes age appropriate hearing tests
  • Paediatric Hearing Aid fittings.
  • Paediactric Assessments for children with Hearing aids.
  • Hearing Aid Repair Clinics & Replacement battery service
  • Dewax clinics.
  • Community based hearing assessment
  • Newborn Hearing Screening follow up assessment.
  • School visits for children with additional learning needs
  • Transition to adult services.
  • Liaise with other services: Teachers of the deaf, Speech and Language Therapists, Health visitors, school nurses.

What are the aims of the service?

We aim, initially, to accurately evaluate the hearing levels of the child and identify any difficulties. The degree, extent and nature of any hearing loss is confirmed as quickly as possible and an estimation made of the impact these difficulties are likely to have on the child.

If hearing loss is identified, what can be done?

When a hearing loss is identified in a child, appropriate audiological support is provided. This might involve simply monitoring the situation or might involve the fitting of a hearing aid. Audiological support continues regardless of whether the option of aid fitting is chosen. Onward referrals for other services can be arranged by the audiologist after discussion with parents.

When are hearing aids necessary?

We consider that it is most appropriate to fit a hearing aid or aids for a child when a significant and permanent hearing loss is present.
The selection of a particular aid is based upon the hearing needs of the child, which are determined using internationally recognised methods. Fine tuning of the aid can be made as needed. Both the child’s hearing levels and the use and effectiveness of a hearing aid are reviewed regularly.
Close contact is maintained with medical and education services, and we know that if we take advice and feedback from all these groups, we can ensure that care can be individualised for a child.

Our commitment to you is to:

  • Provide a service that meets our patient’s individual needs.
  • Be available to provide advice and reassurance whenever it is required.
  • Provide support when coming to terms with a hearing loss.
  • Ensure patients feel confident and happy with their hearing aids.
  • Offer help whenever there are problems relating to hearing loss.
  • Provide a service that works in partnership with parents, health, education, social and voluntary services.

Your commitment to us:

  • Please make every effort to attend appointments and be punctual.
  • Please inform us as soon as you know that you will be unable to attend an appointment.

Service Lead

Head of the Audiology Department
Lesley Peplow

Audiology Office 01922 721172 Extension 7628/7612

Service Location

Children’s and young peoples audiology is situated on the first floor of the hospital on Route 124. The audiology team and office staff are based in Adult Audiology on the ground floor on route 008.

How can I make an appointment for my child?

For hearing tests in children without hearing aids:

  • Children can be referred by your GP, Health visitor or other professional who cares for the child.
  • You can refer your child for a hearing test yourself by contacting Walsall Child Health Department on 01922 721172 ex 6687.

If the child has a hearing aid you can telephone us and request an appointment or you can request an appointment in person at the audiology reception on route 008.