Access to the Speech and Language Service

Once we have received a request to see you, you will be assessed either at Short Heath Clinic or at home, if you are unable to attend an out-patient appointment.


Your communication may be affected in one or more of the following areas:-

  • understanding what people say to you
  • expressing yourself clearly
  • putting sentences together
  • choosing the right words to use
  • making yourself understood
  • co-ordinating the movements for speech
  • reading
  • writing

If you notice any of these changes you can access the Speech and Language Therapy Service directly.


You may experience difficulties when eating and/or drinking. If you experience any of the following:

  • coughing and/or choking on drinks or food
  • sensation of food sticking on the way down
  • difficulty chewing foods
  • food and/or drinks escaping from your mouth
  • dribbling
  • recurrent chest infections

You, your GP or Consultant can make a referral to the Speech and Language Therapy department for an assessment of your swallowing.


If it is decided that you would benefit from help with your speech, you will be offered Speech and Language Therapy either at Short Heath clinic or at your home address.

If your needs change, the location of your therapy may also change.