Do you know what the School Nursing service offers?

The service works in schools and across the wider community with partners from health, education, social care and voluntary sector organisations. The service is represented on a range of partnership work including the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Strategy Groups and Early Help Strategy Groups. The service is commissioned by Public Health in the Local Authority and the service leads on the delivery of the Healthy Child Programme, taking over from the Health Visiting service. School Nurses work with individual children and young people and also with the wider community taking a public health approach to addressing a wider range of health and wellbeing issues.

Schools, do you know who your named School Nurse is?

Every school has a Named School Nurse  who is the link between the school and the service. The School Nurse provides a visit to the school in the autumn term and meets with a member of staff who the Head Teacher has designated as a link person. This is usually a SENCo, pastoral lead or deputy head teacher. At this meeting the School Nurse provides an update about the core offer to schools. Where possible, the named School Nurse will lead on and provide the support for the school including delivery of PSHE, assemblies, parent information sessions. The named School Nurse may be supported to provide the service by other members of the team including nursery nurses and staff nurses.

Referring children and young people to the School Nursing Service

The service offers an open access referral service which means that parents can contact the service and request that their child sees a school nurse or any health or non-health professional can make a referral on a parents behalf.

If you are a professional and would like to make a referral to the School Nursing service, please complete the Referral Form and School Report June 19. School staff are required to complete the school report section of the form. Please send complete forms to our secure email address at If you are not sending from a secure email then you will need to password protect the referral form.

All referrals must be discussed with the child, young person and parent/carer in advance to gain consent to make the referral.

Additional information for schools from schools

It is essential that we have as much information about the child when we see them for a health assessment. The information about the child’s academic ability, social and emotional, behaviour, strengths and SEND needs is key to our health assessment. Therefore we require school staff to complete the school report section of the referral form.

Our Referral Criteria

We support children and young people from the age that they start in full time school until their 19th birthday or the age of 25 years if the young person has special educational or additional health need. The referral criteria for the service provided further information.

Access to Emotional Health and Parenting Groups

The service offer a range of groups for children, young people and parents. Parents and carers can book on these groups directly by emailing and telephoning 01922 423292. School staff and other professionals can request a place on a group for child, young person or parent by completing and returning the forms below to wellbeing@walsallhealthcare.nhs. uk

Anger Management (7-11 years ) Referral Form Anger Management Group

Fun FRIENDS (4-7 years) Referral Form FRIENDS Group

Primary FRIENDS (7-11 years) Referral Form FRIENDS Group

Teen FRIENDS (11-16 years) Referral Form FRIENDS Group

Adult Resilience (parents/carers and young people aged 17 years+) Referral Form Adult Resilience Groups

Parenting Groups (parents/carers) Referral Form Parenting Group

What happens once we receive a referral?

Once we receive your referral it will be reviewed by a member of the team at our weekly referral meeting which takes place on a Tuesday. You will receive a letter which informs you about the progress of the referral. The parent/carers will usually be sent a letter requesting them to contact our service and make an appointment for their child to see a school nurse for a health assessment. The parent/carer will be sent a copy of our School Nurse service information leaflet. If the parent/carer fails to contact our service (opt in) they will be discharged unless a school nurse makes an assessment that there is a risk to the child. The referrer will be notified that the child has not ‘opted in’.