What we do  

The Kidney Care at Walsall Manor Hospital is provided by Consultant Nephrologist - Dr Riaz Bavakunji, who was appointed in October 2012. There are also several visiting Consultants and Specialist Nurses from the Royal Wolverhampton Hospital.

The Department strives to provide the very best quality of care to people in the region and brings their specialist Nephrology care closer to home.

The Renal team has one full time Consultant providing specialist cover at Walsall Manor Hospital and 3 visiting Consultants from the Royal Wolverhampton Hospital. The team is also supported by Specialist Nurses, a Renal Dietitian and the Diabetes Team for patients with diabetic kidney disease (New service).

The team also reviews patients who are admitted with acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease and can arrange dialysis and renal biopsy for appropriate patients.

Dialysis: The Dialysis Outpatient Unit is run by the Royal Wolverhampton Hospital together with our own Consultant, Dr Bavakunji and is based in the Walsall Dialysis Unit on the Dorothy Patterson Hospital site for patients from the Walsall area. There are spaces for over 80 patients and there is usually a waiting list. Peritoneal dialysis and its clinics are held at the Royal Wolverhampton Hospital. Currently inpatient dialysis is provided for appropriate patients in Intensive Care Unit for critically ill patients only.

Renal Transplantation is performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and long term follow up at Wolverhampton and QE depending on patient choice.


Service Locations

Outpatients Route 004, 107
Walsall Manor Hospital


Clinics at Walsall

Monday PM - Dr R Bavakunji Nephrology clinic and a Nurse-Led Specialist Clinic
Tuesday AM (Biweekly) Diabetic Nephropathy and Hypertension Clinic
Wednesday PM – Dr R Bavakunji Nephrology clinic (plus a Consultant from Wolverhampton)
Friday AM – Nephrology clinic (2 Consultants)


Are Self-Referrals Accepted?

Initial referral is usually from GP or other health care professional (if inpatient).


How long do you have to wait to see a consultant?

Depending on urgency we will accommodate within 24 hours to 18 weeks for non urgent. 
Choose and book service is available for the Renal Clinics.


How to access the service/Referral contact information

For more information please write to:
Access Team
Outpatient and Day Case Centre
Level 01, Walsall Manor Hospital
Moat Road, Walsall, WS2 9PS