Neonatal Services


This website is intended to help parents whose baby needs care from the neonatal services at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust. We have developed this website because we recognise that this can be an extremely stressful as well as an emotional time and we want to provide you with information and support that may help you.

We would really like to know what you think of it. Please help us to improve our website by giving us your feedback.



The Neonatal services are there to support your baby once they are born. Your baby may need help from the Neonatal services on the delivery suite or the postnatal wards, on the neonatal unit, at home with support from the neonatal outreach team and later on in the paediatric outpatient department.

The neonatal services are a part of the wider paediatric service and work closely with the maternity service as well as other specialist services who can help us to give your baby all the care they need.

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust neonatal services work within the Staffordshire, Shropshire and the Black Country Neonatal Network. This is a group of neonatal services who work together to ensure that babies receive the best care at each stage of their stay. This sometimes means moving a baby from one hospital to another to receive specialist treatment. This would be discussed with you at the time. Babies are moved as safely as possible using the regional transport service.

Wherever your baby is cared for the neonatal team will do everything they can, to deliver the highest possible standard of medical and nursing care to your baby. 


First Impression


The neonatal intensive care area can feel like quite a scary place initially. The area can be very busy, the room is full of monitors and high tech equipments, and the frequent sound of alarms can be heard. All of the equipment used in the neonatal unit is designed especially for babies, to keep them warm, monitor their body function or to support them with their breathing. All the staff in the unit understand how you might be feeling at this time, and as time goes on, they will explain what all of the equipment is for. Neonatal 2
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Things often happen very quickly once your baby is born. You may feel that you either haven't had enough information or have been given so much information that you can't make sense of it all. We hope that by using this website you will be able to understand a lot more about your baby's care. We would like you to ask us about anything you want to know about your baby's condition and care and to let us know if you have any concerns at all. Sometimes it is hard for parents to do this and we hope this website will help you to know what it is you want to ask.