Neonatal Unit receives gifts for premature babies

Staff on the neonatal unit at Walsall Manor Hospital have been handed more than £600 worth of soft toys, clothes  and nappies after a generous donation from a couple whose twin boys were cared for there.

Sadly, one of Olya Gribuska and Aabid Hafezi’s babies died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome just a week after being allowed home, but the couple wanted to come back to the unit with their surviving son on the twins’ first birthday to say thank you.

Aayan and Aaryan were born at 33 weeks on 11 October 2016 and spent three weeks in hospital.

“We were so happy to have them both home but we lost Aaryan just a short time later which is so very hard for us to cope with,” explained Olya, aged 18. “It is with us every day and when we look at Aayan we can’t help but think of his baby brother who should be here too.

“We wanted to give something back to the neonatal unit and try and help other parents whose babies are born prematurely and asked for donations through social media, highlighting our story. We raised £660 and bought soft toys, clothes, nappies and cotton wool because we thought these would be helpful for the parents on the unit who don’t have time to sort stuff out.

“When our twins were born early we just didn’t want to leave them. The clothes are useful because often parents won’t have anything small enough and babies tend to get through a lot of clothes!”

Olya, who lives locally with personal trainer Aabid, said the couple would always remember how supportive and caring staff in the unit were.

“They helped us a lot, not just by answering our questions and worries but by supporting me with feeding as well as it was difficult to cope with two babies. I hope other parents benefit from our donation.”

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Fundraising Manager Georgie Westley said: “What a caring young couple – thinking of others in such sad circumstances.”

Posted by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Friday, October 20, 2017 3:04:00 PM Categories: Maternity Services