We provide many antenatal and postnatal services at the MLU

  • Tours of the MLU
    We offer tours of the unit 7 days a week, day time or evening.  We try to accommodate times to suit the mother to be.
  • Antenatal Care
    This includes antenatal bookings, antenatal assessments and planning of individualised birth plans
  • Antenatal Classes (provided through NCT)
    The classes are delivered at the MLU every Wednesday from 4pm—6pm. Further information can be found
  • Hypnobirthing (at reduced cost) 
    The course teaches deep breathing, relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques which help women to remain calm and in control during labour and to achieve a gentle and natural birth experience.

    - The programme sets to revolutionise this often misunderstood, yet highly effective birthing support method.
    - Course cost:  £90 per couple (non-refundable). Please contact the MLU for booking.
    - Two dates for each course within the same month
    - Maximum of 8 couples  for each course


  • Reflexology 
    Reflexology is a holistic complimentary therapy.  It is not just a foot massage; it is a method where pressure is applied to the feet (reflex points) which stimulate the whole body to achieve a state of Internal balance. At the end of pregnancy, reflexology may help to stimulate labour.

    The MLU provide the following types of reflexology treatments:
    - Pregnancy treatment (speak to midwife)
    - Postdate reflexology treatments
  • Postnatal care
    This involves a postnatal assessment to assess the needs of Mother and baby. The midwife will also be able to offer advice with any problems the Mother may be experiencing. This service is offered 7 days a week from 9.00am—9.00pm.  


  • Additional Information
    We are open 24 hours a day (7 days a week).
    - Mothers to be can phone at any time for pregnancy advice.
    - The MLU offer a debriefing service for mothers who wish to discuss any issue surrounding the birth and/or to discuss future pregnancies.
    - It is run by community midwives/rotational midwives from Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust which provides continuity of care.
    - We see women under 26 weeks at the unit with diminished foetal movement.
    - Transfer home following a normal delivery, is on average 4 hours (anytime of the day).
    - Siblings are encouraged to come and see the new baby as soon possible after delivery.
    - At the MLU you can have three birthing partners with you (main hospital site is 2)
    - Partners are encouraged to get into the pool with the mother.
    - Breastfeeding support is offered