Photocopying FAQs


Q. I don’t have a login to use the computer's

A. To use any of the computer's in the library (you will need a username and login excluding the training room) Please pick up a IT form from the desk which you will need to complete. Or you can download from here. You can take it System Support Help Desk, West Wing or scan it to IT Services at

Q. Can I save my work on the desktop?

A. Anything stored on the desktop will be deleted monthly so its best to take a back up of your work. No patient information should be stored on the computer's. See the Trust policy on Information Governance.

Q. How do I print work to the photocopier?

A. You will need to register for a PIN number before sending any work to the photocopier. See handout in the library.

Q. I sent my work to print in colour but its come out in black and white.

A. The computer's are defaulted to print out in black and white (Mono Follow On) For colour printing select ColourQube Follow On. If you notice that your work is displaying in black and white after selecting colour, click on Printer Properties. Select the Colour Options tab and make sure that the Automatic Colour option is selected. Click ok and print job.

Q. Do I need to pay for my printing?

A. You will not need to pay for any work related documents.

Q. What Can I make copies for?

A. Under Copyright Copying Guidelines for the NHS in England, copies can be made;

• To share with colleagues at meetings or briefing

• For internal training purposes, e.g. journal clubs, nurse teaching sessions, students on placement etc

• To share media coverage within your organisation

• For Health & Safety or Environmental Awareness

• For research and development

• A patient or carer may receive a copy of information relevant to their treatment.

Q. What if I want to print out personal work from a computer?

A. Any personal related work must be paid for at the enquiry desk.

Q. How much will printing cost for personal use?

A. A4 black and white 5p / side A3 black and white 10p/ side A4 colour 10p/ side A3 colour 20p/ side *Please note these prices are all for a single side only. If you print on both sides of a page, the price will be double that shown above. Library Services reserve the right to adjust these prices at any time.

Q. Can I scan a document?

A. You can scan documents on the photocopier and send the PDF file to your own and multiple email addresses. See handout in the library.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any photocopying you do complies with the conditions of current legislation and the NHS licence. The CLA Licence for NHS England has been agreed until 1 April 2018. The new licence, explanatory leaflet, and copying guidelines notice are all available on the CLA website at

Guidelines are also displayed near the copier. If you are unsure please ask a member of the library team for advice.