Mobile Applications

The following healthcare applications are a selection of popular apps designed to support healthcare professionals and students in their duties.  Please note that some apps may require payment or an OpenAthens account to access, click here if you need to register for an account. Also some apps are exclusive to either android or I-Pad or i-Phone formats. To view more details on the individual apps please click on their name below.

To view a wider range of mobile apps designed to support healthcare professionals, students, carers and patients visit or download the following guide, Useful Mobile Applications. (The guide was produced by the EDTC Library Team at Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust).


EBSCOhost Mobile  provides seamless access to the EBSCOhost (ehost) or EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) interfaces via mobile devices without the need to download an application.  Simply access your library's EBSCOhost resources from a mobile device and a mobile-friendly version of the site will display. For more information on EBSCOhost Mobile click here.

If you would prefer to use the available app for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and Android, below you will find links to download it from iTunes and Google Playand links to online Help pages that describe how to use the app.

To get this app for i-Phones and i-Pads click here.

Help for i-Phones and i-Pads click here.

To get this app for android devices click here.

Help for android devices click here. 

DynaMed Plus App

You will no longer be able to use the old DynaMed app on you mobile device and will need to download the new DynaMed Plus app on your mobile device through Google Play or iTunes.

We recommend you download DynaMed Plus app where Wi-Fi is available owing to the amount of data. For further assistance on how to download DynaMed Plus app, visit thesupport page or send an email to

On-site Access (OpenAthens login not necessary when on-site)

Click here to access DynaMed Plus on-site

  1. To access DynaMed Plus from a Trust networked PC, click on the icon above.
  2. You will not require an OpenAthens login if you access the resource in this way.

How to Access DynaMed Plus off-site (OpenAthens username & password required)

Click here to access DynaMed Plus off-site

  1. Click on the DynaMed Plus button above.
  2. You will need to login with your OpenAthens username and password.

Basic Searching Tutorials

DynaMed Plus Basic Search Tutorial (Video)

DynaMed PlusTutorial (PowerPoint)

You can contact Bali Moore (01922 656920), Certified DynaMed Plus Trainer for further assistance.

Compatibility of Injectable Medicines UK

Injecting medicines is a high-risk area of clinical practice and one that information staff receive many requests for help with, especially from nurses. This app will teach you about medicines that can be safely injected together.

The app is suitable for all healthcare staff, in particular:

- nurses who administer injections
- nurses in training
- ward-based pharmacists in training.

Learn to make yourself safer and learn about injection compatibility.

To get this app for i-phones or i-pads click here.

To get this app for android devices click here.

Adult Drug Calculations UK

Learn the formulae to calculate and administer drugs for adults, practise your skills and see how well you’re doing with this app.

Learn how to:
- use a formula to calculate the number of millilitres for infusions and boluses of drugs
- calculate millilitres per hour and drops per minute when running volumes of solutions
- use the metric system and a variety of concentrations
- demonstrate using a variety of expressed concentrations in calculations.

This app is designed for nurses and midwives who are newly qualified, returning to practice, adapting to practice in the UK and any other nurse or midwife who wants to update their practice in accordance with their personal/professional development plan.

To get this app for i-phones and i-pads click here.

To get this app for android devices click here.

BNF and BNFC app

Are you a BNF user?

New improved BNF and BNFC app launched!

A new, faster app has been released by the publishers of the British National Formulary (BNF) and British National Formulary for Children (BNFC).

Adult and child BNF content is now accessed through a single app making it easier to use and saving space on your mobile devices.

The new app can be used off-line so you always have access to BNF and BNFC’s authoritative guidance when you need it at point of care.

BNF app is free for NHS users and does not require NHS OpenAthens authentication.

The existing NICE BNF will be withdrawn soon so make sure you have the new version. You will be alerted about these changes when you open NICE BNF.

Further information about the new app can be found here. Contact library staff ( or 01922 656920) for assistance.

3D4Medical Essential Anatomy

Note: There is a charge for this app and some in app features. Also the latest version is currently only available through i-tunes.

Essential Anatomy provides a full colour 3D image of the human body. It provides information on individual muscles and can be personalised and annotated. This app is designed to support medical professionals in diagnosis, treatment, research, teaching and learning and when communicating with patients.

For more information click here.

To get this app for i-phones and i-pads click here.

To get this app for android devices click here.

Calculate by QxMD

Calculate is a clinical calculator and decision support tool  freely available to the medical community. Focused on highlighting tools which are actually useful in clinical practice and serve to impact diagnosis, treatment or determining prognosis._


  • Developed by a collaboration of clinician experts from diverse backgrounds
  • Point-of-care tools in the areas of cardiology, internal medicine, nephrology, general practice, hematology, gastroenterology, emergency medicine, oncology, orthopedics, respirology, neurology, neurosurgery, general surgery and obstetrics.
  • Converts recent research publications into practical handheld tools – knowledge translation at its best
  • Automatically adapts to your self-described clinical practice
  • Unique ‘Question Flow’ technology gets you answers, fast
  • Detailed references with Pubmed integration
  • Comprehensive and insightful results
  • Elegant design and intuitive interface
  • SI and Imperial units
  • More than 150 Unique calculators and Decision Support tools

For more information click here.

To get this app for i-phones and i-pads click here.

To get this app for android devices click here.

Cochrane Library App for i-pad

Note: This app is only available for i-phone and i-pad through the i-tunes store.

The Cochrane Library iPad Edition presents the latest up-to-date evidence from The Cochrane Library in a convenient, easy-to-navigate format. Monthly issues feature Cochrane Systematic Reviews selected by the Editor in Chief and specially abridged to provide the best possible iPad reading experience. The reviews are enriched with the addition of multimedia content, including podcasts, videos, and slide decks.

In this app, you can easily access abstracts, read selected reviews, and view full-page summary of findings tables. With access to a range of topics each month, you can create a reading list tailored to your own interests. All content in the app is free, and new issues will be downloaded regularly to your Newsstand. The Cochrane Library iPad Edition is simple and easy to navigate and presents an optimized reading experience from your iPad.

To get this app for i-phones and i-pads click here.

Child Health Profiles

Child Health Profiles provide a snapshot of child health and wellbeing for each local authority in England using key health indicators, which enables comparison locally, regionally and nationally.

By using the profiles local organisations can work in partnership to plan and commission evidence-based services based on local need. The profiles allow you to compare the outcomes in your local population with others in order to identify and learn from better performing areas.

A new version of this app is released annually containing the latest available data.

For more information click here.

Touch Surgery

Touch Surgery was developed to improve the quality of heathcare worldwide and make the best of surgical education and medical training available to everyone, everywhere. The app uses a process called Cognitive Task Simulation to break each operation down into fundamental steps and decision-points. This creates the most interactive and efficient medical operation education and rehearsal experience possible. The Touch Surgery Simulator teaches you every step and also allows you to test yourself.

Touch Surgery was developed by surgeons, and our simulation content is developed in collaboration with leading surgeons and surgical institutions worldwide to ensure accuracy and medical validity.


- A state-of-the-art 3D engine creating the most realistic simulation environments
- The most convenient way medical, students, trainees and experienced surgeons to learn, practice and rehearse surgery at their convenience before operating on a live patient
- A step-by-step interactive learning system with the ability to test yourself with an "unsupervised" operation.
- Personalised performance data that validates your knowledge and gives you feedback about your learning curve
- Customisable operation libraries with you favourite procedures
- The ability to track your test performance and progress based on surgical specialty.
- My Stream, a customised feed of medical news and journal articles

For more information and to download the app click here.

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