One box, to search all your information needs.


Welcome to DISCOVER.

The new unified all-in-one Google style search box to find all our print and electronic resources.

DISCOVER provides access to the Library collection as well as healthcare databases such Medline, EMBASE and CINAHL, NICE Evidence.  You can also search resources  subscribed to by library  such as the Royal Marsden Manual Online, BMJ Case Reports, DynaMED Plus and much more.

To fully exploit and enjoy all these you need your OpenAthens username and password. To register for an account click here.

Questions and Answers


Can I search the DISCOVER without an OpenAthens account?


Guest Access allows non-authenticated OpenAthens users to search the DISOVER Service profile. When searching as a Guest, you:

  • Can search all DISCOVER content.

  • Can view Detail Records and real-time catalogue information for catalogue and institutional repository results.

  • Must log in to view full text content from the library databases.

  • Must log in to print, email, save, or export their results.

  • Must log in to view Integrated Search results.

  • Must log in to request articles

    If you are accessing DISCOVER as a guest, a login prompt is visible on the top of the screen and you will be prompted to log in when clicking a Result List title or full text link from a database provider (i.e. EBSCO).




What's happened to the BASE Library Catalogue?

The BASE Library Catalogue has now been integrated in DISCOVER.  You can still search the resources across the 22 NHS Libraries as our local print and online collections.


Can I search DISCOVER on my mobile device?

When you log in through a mobile device, DISCOVER automatically recognises you as accessing from a mobile device. The mobile optimised version of the Discover interface is then displayed.






Can I search for information just in my local library?


Limits are fantastic.  We have created DISCOVER for you to make searching for our resources easier and more effectively.  You can search for print and electronic resources held just at Walsall Healthcare Libraries.  Further information about limits and filters can be located here.


DISCOVER features the following specialized limiters and facets to help focus search results




Full Text:  Access full text articles from Walsall subscribed resources.


Available in Library Collection: enables you to limit search results to records whose full text is available online (via EBSCOhost full text databases, e-journals, institutional repositories, etc) and print resources.


BASE Library Collection: Allows you to limit your search to the BASE Libraries collection.



Facets appear in the left column of DISCOVER  result list and can be used to limit the results that appear. As users select facets and limiters to refine the search results, terms are added to the Current Search box below the Refine Results area.




What's the difference between Basic and Advanced searching?

Basic search  The Basic Search Screen lets you create a search with limiters, expanders, and Boolean operators.

Advanced Searching  The Advanced search screen lets you to conduct advanced searches using Guided-Style Find fields.




Who are the content providers on DISCOVER?


DISCOVER allows you to filter your search results by database using the Content Providers facet found at the bottom of the left-hand column of the DISCOVER  result list. Content providers include EBSCOhost databases, external databases, your institution’s library catalogue and much more.


There's an article I would like to access but it's not accessible full text. Can I still obtain it?  

A great feature of DISCOVER is that you can now link in with our article request system BASEDoc.  Where the article is not available, click on Request Article to be taken directly into BASEDoc.   To help you even more, you will find many of the fields from the source already completed on the request form.  You will need you BASE Library card and be registered on BASEDoc to use the service.





What is Plum X Metrics?

Plum X Metrics gathers metrics across five categories—usage, mentions, captures, social media and citations.  Basically it highlights the impact on that particular item.                                                   



Can I save my search results?


You can set up a personal account that you can use to save search results, persistent links to searches, saved searches, search alerts, journal alerts and web pages to your personal folder.  Further information can be located here





I don't have time to read the article but I can I listen to it on my device?

Another great feature of DISCOVER is it can read HTML (only) articles aloud to you using the Text-To-Speech feature.  You can also download text-to-speech in an MP3 format. Further information about this can be located here.






Need further Help Click here for further help about DISCOVER or for further information and training on how to use the DISCOVER, contact Jacqui Watkeys, Head of Library and Knowledge Services at or Tel: ext. 6628