Current Trials

Read by QxMD (free 1 month trial)
Read by QxMD provides a single place to keep up with new medical and scientific research. Curate your feed by filtering for your profession/specialty/location and favourite journals. You can also save collections of articles important to you. To discover more about Read by QxMD, you can view a video and read a guide or get the app.

To participate in the trial; sign up with email or for assistance email the library at    

EBSCO Dynamic Health (free 3 month trial)

Dynamic Health is an innovative evidence-based resource that helps nurses and allied health professionals master critical skills.  Users can find current, actionable information about core nursing competencies, transcultural care, patient training, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nutrition and dietetics and social work.  The content in Dynamic Health is created using a strict evidence-based methodology, which means nurses and allied health professionals can trust that the information matches current best practice. The content is overseen by a team of nurses and allied health professionals who review the evidence and write original content based on best practice. Dynamic Health is designed to enable nurses to find the information they need in the context of their workflow and as its interface is mobile responsive, it offers an optimal user experience on any device. Dynamic Health tutorial on YouTube. For an overview of Dynamic Health click here.

Setting up a Dynamic Health trial
The trial will last for three months participates will be given their own account login details.  To find out more or If you wish to participate in the trial please forward your details (including name, job role and email address) to