It’s all systems go in PAU

Software developers have been working voluntarily with staff in Walsall Manor Hospital’s busy Paediatric Assessment Unit to come up with an improved system to keep track of clinical tasks.

The new Paediatric Task Management System is now up and running thanks to the expertise of Silicon Labs, a worldwide semiconductor firm that is headquartered in Texas, USA. The company encourages its staff to commit to offering few days a year where they engage with and support community projects free of charge under the “Silicon Labs Give Back” programme.

Dr Muhammad Javed, Paediatric Diabetes Lead and Consultant Paediatrician with Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, explained that the PAU is an extremely busy environment in which young patients are cared for by doctors and nurses with many going home to be supported by community nurses.

He said: “We have rapid assessment, investigation, treatment and discharge of patients and a significant number of these patients are discharged with follow up plans that include chasing results of investigations. It is imperative that these investigations are chased in a timely manner to avoid clinical risks. With rapid turnover of patients we needed a robust system to keep track of all these jobs.

“Working with Silicon Labs we have designed and implemented a better electronic system to keep a track of all these jobs. The system also provides a clear audit trail to satisfy the clinical governance requirements. Paediatric doctors and PAU staff have all received training in using the system either on one to one basis or via use of a video tutorial. The system has potential to be further customised and rolled out to other specialties.

“We are grateful to Silicon Labs for providing the Trust with the expertise of its software developers to make this new system come to life. Initial results of audits have already shown superiority of the new system over the old system.”

Posted by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Friday, February 9, 2018 8:41:00 AM Categories: Improving