Integrated Stroke Service

What we do  

The Specialist Community Stroke Team helps people continue their recovery from a stroke at home or in a Rehabilitation Centre after leaving hospital. The service offers individuals a personalised rehabilitation programme and supports to them achieve their goals.

All patients that have experienced a stroke are reviewed at designated intervals to assess progress and support the transition from hospital to home. We also work with and support the carers and relatives of those who have had a stroke.

Stroke is a medical emergency and it is important to get anyone you suspect of having a stroke to Accident and Emergency (A&E) as quickly as possible.

The team recommends that you use the Face Arm Speech Time (FAST) test. FAST requires an assessment of three symptoms of stroke. They are:

  • Facial weakness - has their mouth or eye drooped? Can they smile?
  • Arm weakness - can the person raise both arms in the air?
  • Speech weakness - can the person talk normally, can they understand you?
  • Time - to call 999

Hours of Operation 

Monday to Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm

There is an answer machine service available for out of hours/weekends/bank holidays.

Service Locations

Short Heath Clinic, Bloxwich Road North, Willenhall, WV12 5PR

Patients own home.

Are Self-Referrals Accepted?


How to Access the Service/Referral contact information

Referals accepted via telephone or fax from any health or social care professional or self referral.

Dartmouth House

Ryecroft Place

Ryecroft Place




Telephone: 0845 113 0610

Fax: 01922 721146

Service Lead

Liz Brown

Clinical Team Leader - Specialist Rehabilitation