Infection Control

What we do

The Infection Prevention and Control service provides a specialist service which enables staff to minimise the risk of Healthcare associated infection (HCAI) to patients. Not all HCAIs are preventable but the aim of the Infection Prevention and Control team is to have a zero tolerance to all preventable HCAIs.

Infection Prevention and Control is high on government and public agendas and is a key objective for Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust. One of the key aspects of the Infection Prevention and Control team is to ensure that Walsall Healthcare trust is compliant with the relevant Healthcare standards (Standards for Better Health) and the Hygiene Code (Health Act 2006 Code of Practice for the Prevention and Control of HCAI).

The service includes:

•   Provision of education and training to all disciplines of staff 

•   Audit of clinical practice and the clinical environment 

•   Surveillance of HCAI 

•   Prevention and effective Control of outbreaks. 

Patient and staff information leaflets including MRSA and Clostridium difficile are available from the team.


Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm,  Out of hours service provided by an on call microbiologist

Service Locations

Walsall Manor Hospital and Walsall based NHS healthcare providers


Infection Prevention and Control team

The team is led by Amir Khan who is the Director for Infection prevention and Control (DIPC) and also consists of 2 microbiologists and a supporting team of Infection Prevention nurses and administration staff.

How to Access the Service

To contact Infection Prevention and Control and TB services, Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 ext. 5832

Out of hours a  microbiologist is available via switchboard.

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