Infection Prevention and Control week

You can help prevent infections and have a positive influence on your friend or loved one's recovery if you follow some simple visitor guidelines. Knowing the do's and don'ts may give you the confidence you need and will help prevent infections.

Here are some "Do's" for hospital visitors:

  • Do wash or gel your hands on entrance and when leaving the hospital and wards or departments
  • Do help your relative/friend to wash their hands before they eat or after using the toilet if you are involved in their care.
  • Do ask a member of staff if you need to wear apron and gloves if you plan to do personal care, take your patient to the toilet or if your friend or relative has an infection.
  • Do remind staff to wash or gel their hands before touching your relative/friend if they forget – we don’t mind a reminder during our busy day if it’s going to prevent infection!

Here are some "Don'ts" for hospital visitors:

  • Don't visit the hospital if you are unwell. If you have symptoms like a cough, runny nose, rash or diarrhoea, don't visit. This will help prevent spread to patients and staff.
  • Don't bring children to visit unless it's absolutely necessary. Check with the ward manager at the hospital before you bring a child with you. Some wards have restrictions on when children may visit.
  • Don't bring food for someone in hospital. Some foods can cause Food poisoning (gastrointestinal infections) always check with the ward manager before bringing in food.
  • Don’t touch any invasive devices  For example a cannula or catheter – this is an easy way for germs to get inside a patient’s body and infect them.
Posted by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Tuesday, October 18, 2016 10:48:00 AM