Hospital Sterilisation Disinfection Unit (HSDU)

What we do

The HSDU department provides disinfection, sterlisation services and clinical supplies to Theatre Departments, Clinics and Wards within the Manor Hospital and the surrounding area.

The service provided includes different elements made up of single item instrument packs, comprehensive operating tray sets made up with surgical instrumentation, polyware and dressings.
These are provided in a sterile condition.
Our team is trained in accordance with national guidance in sterilisation.
The HSDU operates to a ISO9001:2008 certification

Hours of Operation

7:00am - 8:00pm

Service Location

Walsall Manor Hospital
Off site opposite main Hospital site, Pleck Road

Are self referrals accepted?


How to access the service

Any information on access can be directed to the department direct. Please contact Debbie Forman Deputy Manager 01922 656507