Hearing Aid Fitting

This appointment will take up to 45 minutes

Before fitting your hearing aid your Audiologist will ask you a short questionnaire about how you manage with your hearing in day to day situations. This information will be used in future to evaluate any improvements that the hearing aids make for you.

Your digital hearing aids are set up according to your prescription which is worked out from the results of your hearing test using specialist computer equipment.

Your Audiologist may use a procedure called Real Ear Measurements (REMs) to set up your hearing aid. This procedure involves inserting a thin, soft tube a short way into the ear canal to measure how sound arrives at your ear drum. This may tickle but is very unlikely to cause discomfort.

Once your Audiologist is happy that the aid is best compensating for your hearing loss, you will be asked how it sounds and based on your comments slight further adjustments, known as Fine Tuning may be made.

If you are having two hearing aids fitted, the above procedures may be repeated

Once you are happy with the sound and fit of your hearing aid your Audiologist will explain how to use and look after it. You will also be given the opportunity to practice how to put it in and take it out. You will be given information about how to contact your Audiology Department in future and how and where to get your batteries.