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The word ‘transition’ is used to describe the process of preparing, planning and moving from children’s services into adulthood.

We understand that the process of moving away from the health team you have been for many years can be quite stressful and can cause feelings of anxiety. We hope that by getting Young People involved they will feel more confident and relaxed about this change.

To support you through transition, we have developed a Health Transition Service who can support and guide you during this move into adulthood. This service provides support and advice for young people from Year 9 in mainstream education and out of borough Physical Disability Schools with significant physical impairments as they transition from Children's services to Adulthood. 

What we do...

The Health Transition Team EQUIPS Young People for life:

Empowering: We provide a network for support, advice and mentoring for youngsters with physical impairments and long term health conditions which empowers them to raise their expectations, achieve their goals and realise their aspirations

Quality:The service is developed with the help of the young people we work with. Recent feedback suggests high levels of satisfaction with the quality of service we offer.

Unique:Our service is very different in the way we deliver help and support.We work as specialist Case Managers providing one to one and group work for Young People as they Transition from Children’s Services into Adulthood.

Inclusive and Innovative:Young people are involved at every stage of service development to ensure the service meets their needs. We have created an accessible website, use text messaging and have our own social networking page.

Proactive:We support Young People in developing the skills they need to manage their own health condition and make their own decisions about their health care.

Supportive: We signpost Young People to the services that are available within health, leisure and social care, and help them to devise their own personal Health Passport which they can use to inform future health professionals, educational or work places about their condition. One to one advice and guidance to engage with preventative adult health services.  

How we do it...

We work with young people to complete a Holistic Transition Assessment based on “Transition: Moving on Well” guidance. This is a comprehensive assessment which will give us the opportunity to work with you to develop your confidence in certain areas; we will develop a personalised action plan and review this annually. Much of our work already mirrors the good practice recommendations made by the CQC in June 2014, “From the Pond into the Sea” which explores Children’s transition into adult health services. If you need information about health, education, social and leisure we will help you find it.  

What young people say...

What does Transition mean to you?

Chatting with others in similar situations

Moving from one place to another

Getting over barriers

Being independent/moving on

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Learnt new things to do at home

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Brilliant! Had a great time =)

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Service Lead

Carrie James
Case Manager for Health Transition
The Health Transition Team
Child Development Centre
Coalhealth Lane
WS4 1PL 

Telephone: 01922 605815
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